Welcome to Lincoln Restaurant Week 2017: June 2nd- 8th.  True confessions: Lincoln Restaurant Week is one of my favorite “travel” weeks all year.   (Perhaps since I live in Lincoln, perhaps the travel designation does not work.  Although we do need to drive to the restaurant. 🙂 ) I think what I like about this time so much is that I have an excuse to try a new restaurant or at least a new dish.  Due to both time and budget constraints, we do not seem to take our family to very many sit-down restaurants.  Now that our kids are getting older, that may need to change.  But the other night, when our two oldest were at a youth group event, our two youngest requested that we grill hot dogs for them rather than share the steak that would have fed all of four of us.  Maybe I DO have a hope of preserving Lincoln Restaurant Week for awhile longer as simply a date destination.  My struggle is always determining which restaurant I want us to visit this year.

Here are the 2017 Participating Restaurants.

The last several years the list of participating restaurants has not varied very much.  Chef Karim’s Place did only join the group last year although last year his restaurant was called Chef Karim’s Mediterranean Grill.  Although the places may stay the same, the meal offerings do change every year.  You can still order anything off of their regular menu, ordering the Restaurant Week selection means that you receive more food at a discounted price. What they choose to feature often includes a specialty selection and often includes an appetizer and/or dessert.

Because we have participated in this fun event the last three years, I can now provide you with almost official reviews.  These are three restaurants where we dined during previous restaurant weeks.

As for this year, our restaurant selection and even when we are going to fit this into our schedule are both still up for debate.  I know that I will definitely put pictures up on my Instagram feed, but I will probably put up a regular post as well.  Which one of the restaurants do you want to try for Lincoln restaurant week?

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