Next week is my two year “blogiversary.”  Before I take some time to look back next week on some of my favorite posts and places from the last year, I thought that it would be fun to look ahead for places that I hope to visit across our state someday in the future.  Although this is not an exhaustive list by any means, I had fun picking out new Nebraska locations that I want to go see.  To narrow down my options, I tried to choose one “new” place from each region.  Could you guess any of my desired destinations from my Wordless Wednesday picture yesterday?

Nebraska Bucket List Completed Collage

Lewis and Clark Region:

When we went up to Northwest Nebraska a few years ago, I hoped that we could stop to take a Kreycik Elk & Buffalo Tour near Niobrara.  While the timing did not work for that trip, this family operated farm is one that I want to see.

Sandhills Region:

We are big into baseball in our family.  Possibly too devoted since we have almost 50 games this summer as we have three boys on three teams.  Last summer, I almost visited the The Museum of Nebraska Major League Baseball, (in St. Paul) but since my husband was not with us, I wanted to wait.  I am thinking we should read up on some of the players in advance, so that all of the kids would appreciate the rarity of the memorabilia.

Panhandle Region:

How could you not want to go to a location named The Most Unlikely Place? This café and art gallery located in Lewellen has always intrigued me.  Before I did a presentation on “Art Across Nebraska,” I emailed back and forth with the owner.  Such a nice, nice lady!  With all that they have to offer, I am willing to take the back roads to this destination.

Prairie Lakes Region:

Buffalo Bill’s Ranch was on the agenda a few years ago.  Until I discovered they had closed early.  Yes, this location is one with limited hours.   I enjoyed writing about Buffalo Bill on this blog two summers ago, and I know that I would enjoy seeing the place that he called home.

Frontier Trails Region:

A few years ago, my extended family had a gathering at The Archway (formerly known as the “Platte River Archway.”)  Due to several reasons, sadly we were unable to attend.  Ever since I heard more about the place from those that went, I am determined to take my family there someday.  Walking through a museum that is over the interstate is just one of the intriguing elements.

Metro Region:

Narrowing down the Lincoln and Omaha areas to just one location is a challenge.  For the most part, we have been to many of the Lincoln locations, but there are many in Omaha that we just have not visited.  Since we are going to be studying various countries as a part of our homeschool next year, El Museo Latino is the one that intrigued me.  The focus of the museum is unique, and I think the fact that we can have such a cultural experience here in Nebraska is wonderful.

Pioneer Country Region:

For this region, I want to pick a whole town.  Brownville.  For being such a small village, they have so much to offer from unique bookstores to home tours to art galleries to fun on and near the river.  One place in particular stands out as a must-see: the newly created The Flatwater Folk Art Museum.  Due to their recent beginnings, they hardly even have an online presence.  But this place that is run by the former Sheldon Art Curator is full of unique possibilities.

How about you?  What places do you hope to go visit in Nebraska?




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