One of the many things that I appreciate about Nebraska is the fact that our state population, beyond just a few smaller cities, is found primarily in small towns and rural communities.  Yet this reality can be challenging when you are trying to write a blog about Nebraska.  Because many, many events are circulated via word of mouth or in small town newspapers, publicizing what is happening would take more research time than is possible in my busy life.  Yesterday I looked up Nebraska earth day events.  Other than finding Lincoln and metro Omaha events, I could find nothing else that is happening.  Does that mean that our fair state does not celebrate Earth Day as a whole?  I find that highly unlikely.  My guess is that this event is mostly observed directly in school settings, and most places would not (for good reason!) publish those details online.  While I cannot pass on how smaller communities celebrated, I can definitely share how Omaha and Lincoln are providing opportunities to protect the planet.

First, the Big-O!  Well, evidently we missed their BIG celebration which was held LAST Saturday April 16th at Elmwood Park.  I am not sure why they were six days early.  The events sounded like they were lots of fun.  If anyone did attend, I would love for you to comment on your favorite part below.  But please do not feel left out or sad for long, my friends.  If you click on this link to Family Fun in Omaha’s website, you can find out about several events that will be taking place throughout the week-end and into next week to celebrate both Earth Day AND Arbor Day, the Nebraska original holiday.

As for Lincoln, fun was to be at the zoo today, but the big Lincoln Earth Day event will be happening tomorrow from 10-2 at Union Plaza Park in downtown Lincoln.  Tomorrow during that time, the park will be covered with 70+ educational booths and activities along with musical entertainment.  NET Nebraska is providing one of the booths that will feature B-I-N-G-O plus a meet and greet with Curious George.  (You don’t get to do that every day!)  They will be temporarily taking over the Jayne Snyder Trails Center which is located right at the corner of 21st and Q.  My understanding is that there also might be a scavenger event to engage the children  and excite them about learning how to protect the earth.

How about you?  Will you be celebrating “Earth Day”?  Or did you already?  I would love to hear about your participation either in a comment below or on the Odyssey Through Nebraska Facebook page

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