For those of you who know me personally, I bet you would agree that I tend to be a bit goal oriented.  Perhaps a bit determined.  Okay, perhaps stubborn would be a better word.  When I announced that our family planned on seeing ALL of the lightbulbs that have been around Lincoln the past 4 months, that was definitely my aspiration.

And we did see most of them.  Okay, we at least saw half of them.  As for the visual scavenger hunts that I intended?  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  Several of the bulbs were located on busy intersections.  I always planned on stopping on a side street to take a picture. But most of the time we were in hurry to get somewhere.  Then I think when I downloaded my pictures, a few were deleted????  Anyway, this collage does show some of our experiences.

Lincoln Lighthouse Lightbulb Collage

What is my take away from the Lincoln lightbulbs experience?

  1. First, I should never make a promise on my blog that may be impossible to keep.  I barely am managing to write this shorter follow-up post with all that is going on for me right now.  Writing multiple posts for me would have be an impossibility.
  2. Sometimes it is okay to let go of a goal if life gets in the way.
  3. Even if we did not go to all of the lightbulbs, that should not take away from our joy of the ones that we did discover.
  4. Just as these magnificent works of art have made a difference on Lincoln’s landscape for the past several months, we all have the opportunity to be a shining light to those that we come in contact with.
  5. All of us in Lincoln need to be grateful for the positive impact that Lighthouse has made on the landscape of people’s lives around town.

To follow up from my post earlier this week, did you recognize any of the locations?  Also, if you would like to take a giant light bulb to your house, you will want to attend their auction on October 9th.  This will be your opportunity to support an organization that makes such a difference in the lives of Lincoln youth.  You also can click on that link to see a roundup of ALL of the Lincoln lightbulbs in case you also did not get to see all of them in person.

W9-30-15 Lightbulb Collage Locations

Willa Cather Giveaway

One more important thing … the winners of my NET Willa Cather giveaway from last week.  Congratulations to Deb and to Sarah on winning a copy of the “Yours, Willa Cather” DVD. Congratulations to Robyn for winning a copy of the DVD and the boxed set featuring Cather’s works of O Pioneers, Song of the Lark and My Antonia.  Please e-mail me ( your addresses.  Then I will make sure that the prizes come your way.



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