Tonight is episode 802 of Nebraska Stories on Nebraska Educational Television.  From art to writing to cooking to giving back, many facets of life are covered in another great episode.  To tell you more about what is coming, the program notes from NET are first.    For what it’s worth, my personal italicized notes follow. 🙂

  • Art of the Unexpected” in Brownville offers a guided tour of the Flatwater Folk Art Museum with George Neubert, former Sheldon Art Museum director.  For the first time in a really long time, I went to Brownville this summer.  Now I know that to get to visit museums, Brownville is better visited on the week-end.  That is when more places are open.  My Thursday resulted in me trying to peek through the windows of this church-turned-museum.  I did get a few great outdoor pictures.  But I know that someday I will go inside of this eclectic art museum!
  • The Cooking Kuxhausens” are two lovebirds in Scottsbluff whose recipe for a happy marriage includes cooking foods together from their German and Russian heritage. How can you not help but love a “falling in love the second time around” story?  What I really know is this – if the Kuxhausens ever invite me over for dinner, I am going.  Their food sounds and looks delicious.  The eight hour drive would be worth it!
  • Lincoln Bike Kitchen” is a Lincoln non-profit where you can build a bike or get your bike fixed free, provided you volunteer.  This story is inspiring – anytime people can give in return for getting it’s a good thing!
  • Swapping Stories on the Buffalo Commons” shares stories from the Buffalo Commons Storytelling Festival in McCook with featured performer State Poet Twyla Hansen.  Evidently if you want to attend this event, you have to be ready to sign up right when the registration opens.  A year ago I attended a workshop at Lincoln’s Sheldon Art Museum, and Twyla presented a workshop.  She is fabulous.  Storytelling is a lost art.  I know that I would enjoy listening in to all of the tales.  Maybe I would enjoy telling a few myself …

If you are unable to watch Episode 802 live at 8:00 central time, there are more options for you.  First you can watch each segment individually on the newly updated  Nebraska Stories website.  Second, you can go on to their Nebraska Stories Facebook page and watch a few segments.  They also have an free app that you can download. 

Time for you to tell me what you think … which segment from Nebraska Stories Episode 802 was your favorite tonight?

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