The older that I get, the more that I recognize that commitment can be a struggle.  Continuing to keep up with your family, friends or even your craft is hard.  That is why I appreciate being inspired by those who take commitment seriously.  These Nebraska Stories segments are about people who know the meaning of follow through.  May we all follow their example!

As always, the italicized notes are directly from the Nebraska Stories show notes.  The rest of the comments are my own opinions.

Commitment to a Sport

“Dirt Addiction” is about the growing sport of mountain biking in a state with no mountains, featuring the trails of Platte River State Park and the riders who frequent the park, including a female mountain biking racer from Omaha.  We first explored Platte River State Park last December.  Why it took us SO long to get there is a bit of a puzzle to me.  Such a beautiful place.  After watching this segment on all of the injuries that can happen to mountain bikers, I cannot decide if they demonstrate commitment or should be committed somewhere. (Just kidding!)  If I was a teenager, I would might feel differently.  Okay – maybe I have never been super adventurous.  But I do think that this state park would be a great place to ride bikes.  I just may skip a few of the trails!

Commitment to an Industry and a Hometown

“Beyond the Runway: Marylou Luther” profiles the woman whose writing is essential reading for fashion designers worldwide. The columnist returns from New York City to her family home in Cambridge every summer where “Nebraska Stories” learns more about her brilliant and long career. Marylou’s commitment to her hometown is exemplary.  While I do not follow fashion, I am intrigued by her story.  Becoming an expert in any field is challenging.  I love how she just took the next step.

Commitment to Family

“Olive’s Refuge” explores the story behind the quilts made by a Lincoln woman who was able to still express herself creatively as she struggled with Alzheimer’s disease.  This is a story about a woman staying creative even when life hand’s her the hardest diagnosis.  Even more so, this is a story of a family demonstrating commitment to care for their loved one.  My sweet grandmother had Alzheimer’s.  Watching her decline was hard on all of us.  While this story touched my heart, I will admit that it also made me cry.

Commitment to a Promise

“A Promise Kept” looks back to 1877 when the people of Neligh agreed to care for the grave of a Ponca girl and the special ceremony from the tribe that followed 135 years later.  This might be the best segment on commitment.  Honoring a promise made several generations ago is definitely inspiring.  Staying true to what we feel called to do results in a beautiful story.


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