At last.  This short little phrase can mean so many different things.  For me personally, this concept applies in a big way today.  After six months of transition, at last we are finally moving into our acreage.  Two months of selling followed with two months of getting out of our house followed by two months at my parents in between, we are ready.  The latest episode of Nebraska Stories features several segments with the “at last” theme applied in various ways.  As always, the italicized words are directly from the NET show notes with the regular type telling you my own thoughts and opinions.

The Thursday, April 5 episode includes these all new stories:

Gentle Valor”

This segment features Vietnam War veteran Cheryl Feala of North Bend reflecting on her experience as a combat nurse stationed only 55 miles from the demilitarized zone.  Listening to Cheryl made me glad that she could tell at last about her own combat encounters.  I cannot imagine the amount of fortitude that it took to serve in such a difficult environment.

“Grow an Extra Row”

Explore a successful program that encourages home gardeners to grow extra produce for those in need to help ease hunger in Nebraska.  Before this segment, I was completely unfamiliar with this program.  At last people can have a place to share produce with those in need.  I could not find any easy way to contact this organization, but I am going to work on that.  I definitely think their mission is worthwhile.

“The Taxidermist”

Enjoy this profile of internationally renowned taxidermist Todd Kranau of Blue Hill capturing the natural form of a bison for the Crane Trust Nature and Visitor Center in Wood River.  At last I understand the purpose of taxidermy.  I thought it was always about stuffing deer heads to hang on the wall.  (Yes, you can tell that I am not a hunter!)  Now I can see the value in preservation when the skill is used for educational purposes.

“Last Shot for the Royals”

Follow the women’s basketball team of Grace University as they finish their final season. The school is closing at the end of May and “Nebraska Stories” joins the Omaha team as they take the court for the last time.  At last, Grace University was ready to make a mark on the basketball world.  But then they find out they are closing.  This is a bittersweet story, but a great reminder that there can still be joy even in an ending.  Our family is living this as well.  Leaving our beautiful home after ten years was hard.  But we can see how God still has good plans for us.

P.S. In case you were wondering, this picture features some taxidermy that is on display at Morrill Hall in downtown Lincoln.

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