Every week, I enjoy telling you more about the current Nebraska Stories show.  If you have never heard of  Nebraska Stories, basically the show features segments about the people and places around the state.  (Just like a certain blogger does! 🙂 )  Anyway, I try to identify an underlying theme.  This week’s connection seems to be growing across Nebraska.

  • Legends of Leavenworth Street” is your friendly, neighborhood comic book store in Midtown Omaha that’s been honored as world’s best comic shop by Comic Con. I must admit that while I am a reader, I have not delved into comics very often.  But this store might make me change my mind. At least enough that I want to go check out what they have available.  Actually one of our sons enjoys classic comics, so I am certain he would be glad to go.  This store provides more than entertainment.  Their impact is growing as they have also found a creative way to give back to the community.  The
  • A Day in the Life of Lauritzen Gardens” is a winter botanical respite with the Lauritzen Gardens conservation team and plants from the Plains.  Over the past few years, I have visited Lauritzen Gardens several times.  Each time I go, the beauty of the gardens takes my breath away.  Through the years, the Garden has been growing some of the most beautiful flowers.   This is one of the places that I featured in my book, but I learned additional information from watching this segment. Once you know how the Gardens began, you will appreciate them even more. 
  • Indie Voices – Hear Nebraska Presents: Jocelyn” features emerging singer-songwriter Jocelyn who laments a past love in this streetside performance in Omaha’s Old Market.  I had not heard of this singer before, but I like the fact that they are featuring a very talented Nebraskan.  While I have not heard all of her music and thus slightly hesitant to give a full endorsement, I do like what I have heard so far. Jocelyn has continued to find ways to keep growing in her musical ability. To learn more about Jocelyn, please check out her website.
  • Greenhouse in the Snow” takes you to Alliance where citrus fruit grows.  This Nebraska High Plains greenhouse has succeeded at an almost impossible task – growing tropical fruits and plants during the winter.  The thought and methods behind this effort is interesting.
  • A Legacy on Canvas” follows native Nebraskan and award-winning artist Todd A. Williams painting images from every county.  Recently I had the privilege of interviewing Todd Williams over the phone for an L Magazine article.  Williams feels this art project was divinely inspired.  As the mileage kept growing in number on his vehicle, he personally traveled the state to determine what places should be painted. His artwork featuring every single Nebraska county is amazing to see.  In the next few months, NET will be showing a longer documentary on this project.  For now check out, Todd Williams fine art.
  • Life Beyond Hoops” is a character profile about a senior basketball player’s positive influence in a young person’s life. As this player continued to score on the court, his influence off of the court was growing even more. This is an inspiring story. 

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