Doing something notable can help you to stand out.  If you lean toward evil, you might become notorious.  Personally I would much rather be legendary. The word “legend” tends to be associated with being admirable. Three of the segments on this episode of Nebraska Stories feature people that are worth getting to know.  One segment tells about an annual event that is being talked about beyond the Nebraska borders.

As always, the italicized notes are directly from the Nebraska Stories show notes.  The rest of the comments are my own opinions.

The Legendary Filmmaker Ken Burns and his quilts

“The Quilts of Ken Burns” includes an interview with the acclaimed filmmaker who, although he has collected quilts since the 1970s, agreed to collaborate with the International Quilt Study Center & Museum in Lincoln for his first-ever exhibition.  I am so glad that I took the time to see this exhibit.  For this American creator of documentaries, his collection leans toward patriotic pieces.  At least the ones that the Quilt museum chose to display.  Collections can tell you a lot about a person.  Ken Burns is definitely someone to admire.

The Legendary General John J. Pershing

“The Legacy of General John J. Pershing” looks at the early days of the general’s career when he was professor of military science and tactics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and turned out the nation’s best drill team before he commanded the American Expeditionary Force during World War 1.  While I attended many a basketball game at Pershing Auditorium during high school, I did not know really know who Pershing was.  His story is filled with dedication and a twinge of sadness. Want to know more?  You definitely need to watch the segment.  Or you can also watch the documentary, Black Jack Pershing: Love and War.  This show was shown on PBS station and can still be watched or rented online.

The Soon-to-be- Legendary Actress Eva Bell

“A Rising Star” features a conversation with Eva Bell of Omaha and her journey from aspiring actress to star as “young Elsa” in the mega-hit “Frozen” released by Walt Disney Pictures.  Perhaps you have not heard of Eva Bell.  But with all of her acting credits, I bet she will continue to be in productions for a long time to come.  This segment is a reminder that to become a legend, you have to be willing to take the roles that offered you.

The Legendary Junk Jaunt

“Junk Jaunt” explores the popular fall event that draws thousands of people who cruise miles of central Nebraska highways searching garage sales for treasures.  I have not been to Junk Jaunt.  Yet.  But our house is definitely filled with all sorts of fun finds.  I definitely pick items that have a story over those that are shiny and new.  If you are the same way, I think you need to attend this event as well.


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