Capturing beauty in the midst of chaos.  That is what well-taken photograph can do.  In a brief moment, a snapshot provides a sliver of calm and tranquility.  When I first saw Nebraskan photographer Laura Snyder’s pictures, I felt that peaceful feeling.  I first came across Laura through this blog.  When I commented on Facebook that I wanted to go to Bone Creek Museum, she had mentioned that one of her photographs was a part of their current 150 for Nebraska’s 150th exhibit.

I made a point of looking for her picture in the gallery.  Her picture title surprised me.  Iowa?  Her photograph celebrating the Nebraska sesquicentennial featured an Iowa barn?  I knew there had to be more to the story.  The more I dialogued with Photographer Laura Snyder, the more that I knew that she needed a post of her own.  Once I took a peek at her Lolas Blest Instagram account, I was definitely convinced that I needed to share her photography with all of you.

First of all, the story behind the feature image – “Iowa UPC.”

The photo I entered for the Bone Creek exhibit was taken outside of Woodbine, Iowa.  The theme for the show was agrarian art by Nebraska artists, and I actually shoot more in Iowa, crazy as that seems.  But we live on the east end of Omaha, and it’s closer to get to the country in Iowa than it is in Omaha.  I posted the picture on my Facebook page.  A friend actually came up with the title “Iowa UPC” because I can’t always think of a clever title on my own. 
The color and composition of her “Iowa UPC” photograph is amazing.  Now that I have seen the exhibit, I completely understand why they chose her picture.  I am so glad that she commented about her photograph – was fun to have more of a connection to the exhibit when I visited Bone Creek.
Because this is “Odyssey Through Nebraska,” I asked Laura if she would mind sharing some of her favorite Nebraska photographs with my readers.  Not only did she oblige me on the pictures, but she also told me a bit of the background of the photographs.  Three of her pictures were taken in Omaha where she lives. But we will start with the one that she captured on a trip to southwest Nebraska.

Laura's Lens PhotographyLaura’s thoughts on this photograph …

The barn image was taken outside of Haigler, Nebraska, in March and is titled, “Yesterday’s Best.  It combines my love of capturing rural architecture and my obsession with “lovely dead crap.”  (That’s a hashtag and feature page on Instagram in case you were wondering).

Why do I like this photograph?  If I had unlimited time and money, I might want to travel around Nebraska taking pictures of every barn that I saw.  Since my goal is to visit Haigler someday, do not be surprised if I try to hunt this particular barn down.  The shape and the angles of the particular barn are noteworthy.  I definitely did not realize that there was a hashtag on Instagram  for #lovelydeadcrap.  Perhaps there is not really any other way to describe this plant that might have once been milkweed.

Durham Museum soda fountain photograph by Laura's Lens PhotographyLaura’s thoughts on this photograph …

The bar stool image was taken at the Durham Museum.  It’s title is “Confections, Souvenirs and Travelers Needs.”  I meet up regularly with a group of Omaha area Instagrammers, and we had early access to the Durham one day last September.  We were able to get amazing images without having to worry about disturbing other museum guests.

I must confess that I am a bit jealous at Laura’s early access to the Durham Museum.  This is one of my favorite Omaha places and is full of architectural beauty.  I love the angle of this photograph, and I am wondering if she happened to be sitting on the floor to take this picture.  Perspective definitely makes a difference in our viewpoint and in our attitude.  The black and white aspect definitely adds another element of interest.


Zorinsky Lake sunrise in Omaha taken by Laura's Lens photographyLaura’s thoughts on this photograph …

This photograph is called “Sun Drop,” and it was taken at sunrise at Lake Zorinsky.  I really love capturing the beauty of sunrises, especially over a body of water.

Lake Zorinsky is an Omaha hidden gem.  Although our family stopped there once, our visit was a short one.  I do remember that they had multiple hiking trails near the lake.  At some point, I would love to return to this Omaha park.  Maybe then Zorinsky Lake could have a post all of its own.



Bob Kerrey Bridge in Omaha by Laura's Lens PhotographyLaura’s thoughts on this photograph …

The sunset of downtown Omaha (titled “City Bridge”) was taken from the Tom Hanafan River’s Edge Park in Council Bluffs.  I had a friend show me the trail under the pedestrian bridge where we hiked a little to the north of it, and we shot from the riverbank.

I love “The Bob” as this bridge is affectionately known.  Whoever designed the Bob Kerrey Bridge definitely appreciated angles.  This point of the Missouri River is always photogenic.  Yet the clouds and the sunset make it even more so.  I did not realize that there is a hiking trail, so close to the river.  Guess it sometimes might be worth going into Iowa.

Enjoying more of Photographer Laura Snyder’s pictures …

To see more of Photographer Laura Snyder ‘s pictures, you will want to become a fan of her Laura’s Lens Photography Facebook page.  You can also see additional pictures on her Laura’s Lens Photography website.  But following her on Instagram might be the best way to see her photographs more frequently.  Her Lola’s Blest account is linked above.

Thank you, Laura, for being willing to share your photographs with the Odyssey Through Nebraska community.


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