Nebraskans would generally agree that we spent this frigid winter trying to survive being stuck inside.  Between the abundance of snow and the frigid temperatures, the past several months have been a bit rough at times.  But for many across the state, life became even tougher once the snow started to melt. #NebraskaStrong became the worthy phrase as communities began to work together to recover.  This flood will definitely reflect Nebraska.

Many of my fellow writers have been posting ways that you can help financially.  At the bottom of the post, you can check out their links.  I felt like I wanted to show my support in a visual way too.  Several local Nebraska artists and companies have chosen to donate some of their creations to helping with the flood relief effort.  So if you want to wear or display the sentiment of being #NebraskaStrong, read on to learn how you can visibly support the recovery efforts.

#NebraskaStrong Photographs and Prints

#NebraskaStrongFirst of all, my friend Laura, is donating one of her iconic Omaha images.  She graciously let me use her photograph for this #NebraskaStrong post.  This image is available as an 8×10 for $30 or $12 for a 4×6.  There is a small shipping cost. But if you can make it to Omaha, you can arrange a free pick-up.  To see more of Laura’s amazing photographs, please visit her Laura’s Lens Facebook page.  And her Lola’s Blest Instagram page is always incredible.

#NebraskaStrongNebraska photographer, Erin Theisen is also donating all of the money received from several of her beautiful prints to help her part of Nebraska to recover.  The official #NebraskaStrong picture is one option.  Several others are available on her HeadNTheCloudsImages Etsy Shop.   What is unique about these particular photographs is that they are mounted on wood to make more of a statement.  To see more of Erin’s beautiful work, please like and follow her Erin Theisen Photography Facebook page.

#NebraskaStrongThe Anastasia Co. is offering this #NebraskaStrong print.  You can purchase the $10 print from this site, and if you use the code, NEStrong at checkout, you can also get free shipping.  This company has chosen to donate all proceeds to the Nebraska/SW Iowa Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.  By the way, her The Anastasia Co.  Instagram is breathtaking!

#NebraskaStrongBecause I also personally would like to help, I am going to step out on a limb and donate the proceeds from one of my own pictures to the cause.  This is one of my favorite pictures from my Detour Nebraska book.  Since I do not have an official Etsy shop set up yet, getting a print from me might take a bit.  But please send an e-mail to if you are interested in learning more.  Especially if you are a Lincoln area local, we can figure something out.

I decided that I want to donate any profits to the Nebraska FFA Foundation.  As the granddaughter of a farmer, I know that those whose livelihood depends on the land will be affected the most.  As a teacher, I like the fact that this organization that works with schools is donating 100% of the funds back into communities that have been affected the most.

#NebraskaStrong Clothing

Several Nebraska companies are also presenting clothing that will help the flood relief efforts.

The Stately Shirt Co. out of Kearney has designed a fun Nebraska shirt.  They will be donating all of their profits to Kearney Restore Ministries.  This volunteer organization is directly serving those impacted by the flooding.  If you are looking to help in a tangible way, check out their Kearney Restore Facebook Page.

#NebraskaStrongBraxation Creations is offering both various styles of t-shirts as well as #Nebraskastrong decals.  This company is donating the proceeds to directly help their own community.  The Columbus based Pillen Family Farms/DNA Genetics plant has had several employees devastated by the flood.

#NebraskaStrongFor a variety of t-shirts and really cute hats, look no further than this Papillion, Nebraska, company.  Sew Berry Cute is donating part of their profits on #NebraskaStrong products to help with disaster relief.  On Friday March 22nd, they plan on donating part of their overall profits to help with disaster relief.  Details are still being determined on this part of their plan.

#NebraskaStrong Jewelry

#NebraskaStrongI have been a fan of Krafty Kash jewelry for a long time.  The two options that they have available to support the #NebraskaStrong efforts are so beautiful.  They are donating over half of the cost of each necklace to the local Red Cross.  You can order either of the necklaces at the Krafty Kash Etsy Store.  While you are there, please check out all of their other jewelry.

#NebraskaStrong support

I am honored to get to be a part of NebraskaStrong Saturday Event event that has been organized by the Well Traveled Nebraskan.  To show your support, wear red this Saturday March 23rd.

As for physical labor, many places across Nebraska (and Iowa) could also use your help.  I know that our local paper reported that people meeting at the Seward County Fairgrounds to help clean up this week-end.  To find what places do need clean up assistance,

Here are links to other articles and suggestions about ways that you can help the flood victims stay #NebraskaStrong

First of all, an official NebraskaStrong website has been started where people can donate money, donate specific resources or even request to receive help.

Local television stations have been helping with drives across the state including 10/11.  They have declared tomorrow to be official #NebraskaStrong day too! 

Nebraska Flood Victim’s Resources at the Well-Traveled Nebraskan

How to Help Nebraskan Flood Victims over at Postcard Jar

“When a Natural Disaster Gets Personal” by Michelle DeRusha

If you know of any other local companies that are directly helping to produce products that will benefit flood victims, please let me know.   After contacting them for their approval, I will add them to the list.


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