Looking for a slice of Nebraska?  Look no further than these creations made by people from Nebraska as well people inside the state.  While these all happen to be repeat stories, hearing these stories again involves a delicious journey.  As always, the I italicized the NET show notes, and I make the comments that follow.

Slice me off a piece of …

Schmackary’s Cookies

He was building a career as a performer in New York when fate stepped in and caused Zachary Schmahl to follow the path of what really made him happy. Baking. Learn how this small town Nebraska kid became the self-proclaimed “cookie king of New York.”

When we studied New York this year for school, we made our own rendition of Schmackary’s cookie dough cookies.  Someday I definitely hope to try their delicious cookies myself someday because the flavors sound amazing.  I am doubting that I would be able to try a slice of dough, but that would definitely be memorable!

Kolache Queen

Nadine Racek knows her way around dough. So much so that she has been deemed the Kolache Queen by those who know her for her delicious Czech pastries. (She’s baked as many as 1500 kolaches for one order.) As delicious as her koloches are, Nadine, herself, is much sweeter than her pastries could ever be.

Sadly Nadine has passed away, so trying a slice of her kolaches is no longer possible. Thankfully a journalist noted her legacy.  To learn more about the Kolache Queen, enjoy this tribute found in the Fremont Tribune .  And if you want to attempt to make your own kolaches, check out this recipe I shared several years ago.

Not exactly a slice …

Crafting Fine Vodka

Local wineries and brew pubs are commonly found within our state, but in West Point two men decided to try their hand at crafting vodka. The result? An award-winning vodka that is among the finest made in the United States.

I have to admit that I am not a vodka expert other than the fact that I do like to make my own vanilla.  But kudos to these guys who are trying to create a memorable drink.

Saving Sacred Seeds

With the blessing of Omaha Elders, tribal member Taylor Keen plants indigenous heirloom seeds with hope someday everyone in his tribe could be self-sustaining by planting the Four Sisters – corn, bean, squash, and sunflowers.

I was unfamiliar with the concept of heirloom seeds until I visited the Fur Trade Museum several years ago.  (The feature image is actually from their heirloom garden!)  I am all for serving up a slice of homegrown vegetables!

Back to a slice …

The Piemaker

Inspired by his memories of living through hard times during the Great Depression, Leo Kellner, of Hastings, puts on his apron to bake for those in need: family, friends, hospice workers, cancer patients, and others.

A slice of pie?  Yes, please.  I am always up for homemade pie.  The fact that Leo combines baking with with blessing others is even better.  To learn more about this renowned pie maker, please check out this article in the Hastings Tribune

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