When a child’s immune systems is compromised, he/she is limited on attending places that are public.   This not only affects the ill child but also all family members.  Bringing home a cold is not just inconvenient, the consequences can be quite dire.  Getting to enjoy a family outing is rare.

The Lincoln Children’s Museum is changing that for tonight.  They will be open only to those who fit into the immune challenged category.  And they can bring along their families.  The museum is closed all day today to disinfect and prepare for this special crowd of people.  Here is the official description from the press release.

This event is closed to the public to ensure children with compromised systems have complete access to more than 30 hands-on exhibits on all three levels of the Museum. For some, Shining Star represents a rare opportunity to meet and interact with others facing similar struggles and presents the chance to build memories of play outside of the home or hospital. For many, this will be the first family outing in more than a year.

This event is taking place from 4:30 to 7:30 tonight (April 14th).  If you know someone who qualifies, please send them to the Museum.  I am hoping that they have a full house complete with excited children who are finally getting to be kids.

Not from the Lincoln area but in need of such an event?  Check with your area museum.  I believe that the Omaha Children’s Museum recently completed their own “Shining Stars” event.  So, there may be one near you, or possibly you can be the catalyst to get such an event going!

Author: neodyssey