For more years than I would care to mention, my home has been a bit busy, cluttered, messy.  Keeping up with everything is rather challenging.  I have known that change is needed because chaos has started to feel normal.  While I do frequently tell my children that my goal for them is progress, not perfection, we can never seem to make it over the hump to being able to keep up.  This is why when I met Trina and discovered that she wrote a blog entitled, Simplifying Home, I was definitely intrigued.  For one thing, she has a calming presence, and I could just tell that she lives what she writes about.  That kind of “realness” definitely appeals to me.  Discovering that she had written a book on the topic as well, I knew this was a “must-read.”

Although I have read many an organizing book, I feel that Trina’s book is different.  Her goal is to help you think through why your life/home might be messy first, then examine how you can simplify.  To be honest, my husband has been wanting us to downsize our stuff for years.  While I have wanted to be on board, I just have not been ready for a multitude of reasons.  I do feel like Trina has managed to write down what I long for, and I can actually say that I am looking forward to the process.  (To my friends that are reading this – please remind me that I said this because I am not so certain that I will still feel this way come mid-June when I am in the midst of going through all of the clutter! 🙂 )

WAIT just a minute before you click the link to buy the book …

If you happen to be reading this post the day that it was written, (May 2nd, 2016), you may want to get this book in a different way.  Currently, Trina’s Simplifying Home e-book is a part of the “Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.”  For only $29.97, you will have access to all of the titles listed below.  To find out more about each of the products or to place an order, please click on this link.

Simplifying Home Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

So far, I have skimmed through several of these titles.  I am impressed with all of the new options that I now have for make-ahead meals (another area I am trying to improve!) as well as books that will encourage me as a Mom.  This was the perfect Mother’s Day gift for myself (Don’t tell me that you have never done that! 😉 )  Having resources at hand to help me to be able to run our household more efficiently is exactly what I need this year.

Not ready/able to purchase either Trina’s e-book or this Ultimate Homemaking Bundle right now?  You can still get started on this journey.  Sign up for Trina’s free 8 part e-mail series instead.    Thanks, Trina, for your encouraging advice that helps us to start simplifying where we are at rather than having us feel guilty that we are not yet where we want to be!  Note: the photos on this post were used with her permission.

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