Did you guess where we were yesterday?  Maybe some of you have even been to this place but not recognized their latest exhibit.

The afternoon that we experienced the Omaha Children’s Museum: “Things That Go” fun exhibit was a cold and blustery one.  Much like today!  Having a big open room full of opportunities  for my kids to explore and RUN around was wonderful!  I hope that our adventure will help you picture the possibilities for your family!

OCM Things that Go 5

Part of the exhibit had to do vehicles that move.  The kids could explore a shortened city bus – new experience for my kids!  They could also load items onto a big truck using a pretend conveyer belt.

OCM Things that Go 4

They could create models of various paper rockets and attempt to fly them. (I was very thankful for the helpful Omaha Children’s Museum staff person who assisted my kids in this endeavor. I feel like it takes a physicist to even build a paper rocket – paper crafts are not exactly my specialty!)  My kids loved doing this!

OCM Things that Go 7

They could explore an on-site ambulance and even see what it would feel like to drive it.  And they had a tool sorting area as well.

OCM Things that Go 1

My boys definitely loved making their own metal model cars and attempting to race them all the way down the track.  They were thrilled when they managed to get to the bottom without the car crashing or derailing off of the metal rails.

OCM Things that Go 3

They could climb through different metal levels of a maze.  They also had fun walking on giant planks.  I could never get them to stand still long enough to get a good picture of that experience!

OCM Things that Go 2

Racing around a track on giant trikes?  Most definitely!  I even could not resist trying that out!  Too bad I did not capture that on film …

Since this is a special exhibit, you do have to pay a bit extra to visit this part of the museum.  If you have kids that are a bit stir crazy from being stuck inside, this display might be your answer.   Personally, I would definitely recommend going to Omaha Children’s Museum exhibit “Things that Go!”

Author: neodyssey