Since my “best of Lincoln” post turned out larger than expected, separating all of the information into two posts made sense.  By visiting these places around Lincoln, you are investing into keeping our capital city vibrant and thriving.  Our family has enjoyed exploring town even if usually it has been our dime.  Any time where we had free food, we did note that in the posts.

Pretty sure I fall under the category “foodie.” While I actually enjoy cooking, I also really like to eat out.  Trying new foods has always been enjoyable to me!  This blog has definitely given me an excuse to try many places around town.  I must admit that I am not quite as much of a shopper, but the three places that I am featuring are ones that I do enjoy visiting!  As for staying anyplace in Lincoln, I must confess that while I have been out to Prairie Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast many times, we have not actually stayed there.  Maybe we will have to change that soon … 🙂  Because I do not want to play favorites and since I am really not sure I could pick which one is the “best,” I am again putting the list in alphabetical order.

Places to Eat

Braeda Fresh Express Cafe

Buffalo Wings and Rings

Carmela’s Bistro and Wine Bar

Doughnut Hole


HF Crave (Farm Fresh Burgers)

Honest Abe’s Burgers and Freedom

Ivanna Cone

James Arthur Vineyards

Lazarri’s Pizza

Normandy (French Restaurant)

Pancho Villa Mexican Grill

Sebastian’s Table

Tom + Chee (Grown Up Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese)

UNL Dairy Store

Wahoo’s Fish Tacos

WunderRosa Winery


Places to Shop

Hallow Candle

Indigo Bridge Books

Licorice International

Places to Stay

Prairie Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast

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My name is Gretchen Garrison. I started this blog about Nebraska in 2013. So far, I have written three books about Nebraska and Lincoln.