Bob Kerrey Bridge 1

Last summer, our family enjoyed walking between two states.    The Bob Kerrey Pedesterian Bridge spans the Missouri River and connects both Nebraska and Iowa.    With such wide paths, there was room to explore and enjoy family time outdoors together!

Bob Kerrey Bridge Collage

Always fun, especially for kids, to stand between two states!

Bob Kerrey Bridge 3

The bridge itself is a beautiful piece of architecture.

We chose to park on the Councils Bluffs, Iowa side near the park there to walk back and forth.  This seemed to work well, although we mainly ended up there because we missed the exit on the Omaha side. 🙂

Bob Kerrey Bridge 2

As you walk the 3,000 foot path, you can even stop and learn more about the river and conservation on the way.

Omaha Sign

Being close to downtown Omaha, the bridge is a great way to experience the outdoors while being in a metropolitan area.

Bob Kerrey Bridge 4

Suspended in space!

Bob Kerrey Bridge 5

I hope that we make it back to walk the bridge again in the next several months now that nicer weather is finally arriving in Nebraska!

P.S.  A big thank you to my husband who took many of the great pictures for both yesterday and today’s posts!



Author: neodyssey