My initial disappointment with writing a blog?  The necessity of quality photographs to illustrate my words.  After all, due to copyrights, I cannot just take a picture from another website and use it on my blog without permission.  As a few months have passed, I feel like I have made progress in the moments that I have captured on film.  But I know that I still have a long way to go.

I feel that three things seem to be necessary for taking brilliant photographs.

1) Equipment.  Occasionally my cell phone seems to take better pictures than my basic Nikon.  But the more I experiment, the better the camera seems to be cooperating with me, as opposed to frustrating me.   Maybe someday we will have enough money to invest in a great camera.  (Of course, since I tend to be a bit klutzy and drop things, sticking with what I have already might be the best idea 🙂 .)

toadstool landscape

2) Subject matter.  When you are in a beautiful location, capturing the moment seems to come much easier.  I have also decided that people are SO much harder to photograph.  So, while at some point, I may legitimately consider myself to be a landscape photographer, I am almost positive that you will never see the words “portrait photographer” by my name!

Ft. Rob trip Daddy and Mr. I

One of the rare people pictures that I took that I like.  Of course, I was able to crop the shot – that makes a difference too!

3) Timing.  If you blink, you often miss the moment.  While we were up in northwest Nebraska, we were treated to a couple of fabulous thunderstorms.  I decided to go out and try to take a great lightning shot.  (Maybe not my best idea).  I did end up with one or two shots that were “okay.”  But I deleted probably a hundred other shots.  I learned that I need to be okay with that – willing to take a gazillion photos even if only a few are keepers.

DSCN4271_1204NE Trip Nikon 13

My attempts to take a picture of a windmill from the car.  More to come on that in another blog entry …

lightning shot

While I did crop this shot a bit, I did not edit it at all.  I am not exactly sure where the side golden arch came from?

While I will continue to write Flashback Fridays, I will also be adding (or substituting) Friday Photography as well.  Since I took over 1,000 shots on our Northwest Nebraska trip alone, I think I need a time to share the photos that may not fit other places.

For much to my surprise, I have begun to see life as if through a lens.  In fact, I think I need to start carrying my camera with me everywhere (although my cell phone does work in a pinch).   I like having a record of the places that we have traveled.  Although I must confess that at times I need to remember to make sure to add people to some of my shots since that will be what I really want to remember.  Those that I made the memories with.

Garrison family in front of the house

Photo credit: my brother, Joel.





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