I really was not sure about adding a new area to Lincoln.  And if you are a Lincoln resident, when you go down the new Railyard area, you feel like you are in a whole other town.  Maybe even another state.  But now that I have been down there a few times, I really LIKE all that they have brought to our town.  Granted, there are a few inconveniences right now.  Such as continued construction and parking.  But gradually this will all settle down.  I definitely think they are bringing exciting new opportunities to our city.

Railyard Courtyard

For one thing, there is a really cool outdoor courtyard (especially this time of year!).  And that building to the right actually holds a GIANT big screen television.  Yesterday the television was showing historical Lincoln photographs in a powerpoint of sorts.  Often the television is showing a sporting event – especially if the Huskers are playing!  Rumor has it that they plan on turning part of the courtyard into an outdoor ice skating experience this winter.  Then you can even skate up to the counter for a hot chocolate/doughnut break (more on that in my next post!)

Railyard Street View

What the area has to offer the most so far is new dining adventures.  I  have not been to Gate 25 yet, but I have tried out a few places already.  In fact, today I plan on taking on you on a dining tour of the new Railyard – presenting a new place to eat for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.  Plus tomorrow I will write about a fun place to watch the Husker game and while being a part of the atmosphere.  And if these four Railyard possibilities are not enough, I posted a few other pictures of places on my Nebraska Odyssey Instagram page.  I hope you enjoy the tour!

Author: neodyssey