Arena Closer Up

When I completed my first half marathon in 2010, I agreed to become a running billboard.  (Now, before you are that impressed, I finished my 2nd and probably final half last spring.  I am not exactly speedy, but I am glad that I “ran” them both times!)  Anyway the race happened to be days before a big vote was happening that would affect Lincoln.

Yes to Arena

While I doubt my shirt had anything to do with the outcome, Lincoln did vote for a new arena to be built.  And now that that building feat has finally be completed, I personally feel this beautiful structure has added a wonderful element to downtown Lincoln.


The possibilities that have been added for downtown Lincoln life are tremendous.  Concerts, expositions and ball games in a quality setting.  I think the building lives up to the hype.

Arena Grand Opening

On August 28th, my oldest son and I went down for the ribbon cutting.  We were some of the first of several hundred community people through the doorways.  I knew that I wanted to be able to explore and experience.  Since my oldest is a HUGE sports fan, I knew that he would get my excitement over this monumental opening.  (Thanks, my Kyle, for watching our 3 other kids.  Keeping track of one this time was definitely easier!)

Lincoln in the Arena

Lincoln himself welcomes you to this newest Lincoln venture.  Sort of.  At first when the Lincoln Journal-Star revealed that the arena would feature a giant chocolate wall sculpture, I was a bit unsure.  But having seen the artwork in person, I have to say the result is impressive.

Chocolate Art

Even the big “O” is represented.  Since the abundance of “chocolate” might make you hungry, the fact that a concessions stand is nearby is a bonus.

Pinnacle Haymarket Place Food

I have heard that the food is outstanding – not your typical game fare.  They had limited concessions available for their opening afternoon, so I did not try any of their featured meals.  But we actually did enjoy eating a snack there – $1 Valentino’s pizza and $1 pop.  Can’t beat that!  (I told my son to enjoy his possibly one and only arena eating experience.  For normally we will may not get to eat a meal there – especially if all six of us attend an event!)

Arena first views

Finally we got to see our first views of the arena.  People could go out on the floor and try out the new hoops.  We both enjoyed being able to say that we have made baskets at the new arena.  My son was in hardwood heaven!

Arena featuring G

His other highlight was definitely meeting Coach Miles.  He seems to be a genuinely nice guy.  Excited to see what happens with the Husker men’s basketball program in such a great atmosphere!

Arena seats

We made a point of exploring everywhere including trying out the typical stadium seats.  (Fairly roomy rows!)

Pinnacle Box Seats

And admiring the box views.  (The “exclusive” box areas were not open for public perusal.  But they do have a few box-type areas anyone can access.   Leaning a bit allowed me to capture the luxury way to watch games!  🙂  )

The View from the Pinnacle

We also climbed up to the VERY top row.  This is what the floor looks like from above (no zoom applied).  Almost vertigo-causing height, especially since hardly any people were up to there to stabilize the view.

Pinnacle Go Huskers

Due to time and other constraints, we have not attended an official Pinnacle Bank Arena concert or sporting event yet.  But I know that I definitely hope we will be able to take in at least one Husker game this year.  The men’s basketball team has a lot of potential, and the women’s team is already fantastic.  Go Big Red!

Arena thankful

Author: neodyssey