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Ever since I read about the Doughnut Hole in the Lincoln Journal- Star this summer I knew I wanted to try it!  Initially they could only be found at the Farmer’s Market.  But as of the end of September, both my breakfast AND lunch recommended places can now be found at the Public Market.

Railyard Public Market

Think downtown food court.  This place is full of tables, so you can grab a bit from each little shop and enjoy it all together.  Besides doughnuts, you can buy specialty meats, gourmet popcorn, shaved ice/ice cream and desserts and more from a French bistro (more on that soon).  There also happens to be a handmade jewelry store too.  Back to breakfast.

Doughnut Hole coffee sign 2

I finally decided that our son’s 5th birthday was a good excuse to venture down.  Plus we could bring a treat to my sister who shares the same special birthday.  This was the menu the day that we went down.  A few of the doughnuts remain standard, and then several vary each day.

Doughnut Hole chalkboard sign

We all shared a maple bacon – that is considered their specialty.  I forget to take a picture of that one – could also be that it was gone fairly quickly.  We all decided that one was rather delicious – the crispy bacon was intriguing with the maple frosting.  I let the kids each pick out their own – 3 went with Chocolate cake with Oreo Crumble.  The birthday boy went with Vanilla Bean sprinkle.  I tried the coconut.  That was the best doughnut I have ever had.  I decided in advance that I would save a few bites for my husband since he was not on that adventure.  I do think that was a bit of a sacrifice on my part – the doughnut was that good.

Doughnut Hole Collage

Evidently they are also known for their coffee.  (Having not known that, I had brought my own down).  Maybe next time?  They post their daily menu on their Facebook page.  Just discovered they had Creme Brulee doughnuts yesterday.  That would have been rather yummy!

Doughnut Hole drink options

They are open primarily morning hours into early afternoon.  Although they have been known to be open during evening Arena events.  And they close shop when they sell out.  Which happens, especially on Husker home football game days.  That is when you arrive early to avoid standing in the line that goes out the door.

Doughnut Hole price sign

As you can see, you can get a discount when you buy in bulk, so grab a few friends and head down to the Doughnut Hole in the Public Marketplace at the Railyard.  You will NOT be disappointed!

Author: neodyssey