Normandy Husker

We ended up stopping over at The Normandy (a French bistro) after our doughnuts on my son’s birthday.  Their desserts were irresistible, and I was not very sad when they let us sample a bite.  Delicious!  In fact, this end up being a great birthday gift to take my sister.  (Yes, I loaded her up with sugary treats!)

Normandy fondant au chocolat

I knew at that point I would definitely be back.  And not just for dessert.  The owners, Lawrence De Villiers and his wife, Renee Clark, are equally as appealing.  Renee happens to have family from my husband’s hometown, and that was a great starting point to a warm conversation.  Lawrence is from France originally and adds his own family influence to his formal chef  repertoire of recipes.   Yesterday we headed down there, so I could sample their lunch.  (My kids got to eat sack lunches – not sure that worked out as well for them.  But I did share as many bites as they wanted and bought them dessert.  So maybe they are not too deprived.)

Normandy meal

I ordered their Bouef Bourguignon (Beef Burgundy) meal which came with a side (puff pastry roll – no ordinary garden salad for me!)  Their meal option also features your choice of dessert – I had the mini pound cake (see the picture on their sign above – I forgot to take a picture of the dessert.  That seems to be a common trend for me.  Guess that must be my favorite part!)  We took home meringues and the chocolate mini cakes to enjoy later.  Delicious!  I hope to try one of their “croc” sandwiches on our next dining visit.

Normandy menu

My  pickiest child’s conclusion (after several bites): maybe I do like French food after all.  I think we all could have eaten several of the rolls.  And the meat and vegetables were incredibly tender.  The only thing a bit surprising to me is how they serve the food – on disposable plates.  But since it is more of a casual setting, that is probably to be expected.  And maybe that will change as they become more established.  Regardless, definitely the best “fast food” that I have had at a food court!

Normandy Umbrella Sign

If you would rather have your dinner in a more formal setting, they just started serving Wednesday dinner events that feature a 4 course meal along with accompanying wine.  Just like last week, they will even have a strolling accordion player again.  On Wednesday November 20th at 7:00, they will be featuring a French style Thanksgiving.

  1. First course: sweet potato soup
  2. Second course:turkey a la creme and sauteed green beans with a French biscuit
  3. Third course: cranberry surprise salad
  4. Fourth course: pumpkin apple pie

The price for these events is $35 per person, with wine being sold by the glass, so that you can purchase exactly what you desire to drink. This event features a full table setting.  This could be a great date night for mom & dad!  (My son may have decided that he likes French food, but I am pretty sure that he is not quite up to that much of it! 🙂  To check out future Wednesday night dinners and other events at the Normandy, please check out their Facebook page.  (Note: they will not be having a Wednesday night dinner the week of Thanksgiving).  To see a menu, click on my picture above.  One is also available as a part of their Facebook pictures.  This is the best way to keep up with Lincoln’s celebration of French cooking: The Normandy.

Author: neodyssey