Today’s post could also be titled: @ Lincoln’s New Railyard: Buffalo Wings and Rings.  And this entry is an unexpected one. The result of having to be flexible.

We went downtown for the day to explore the Native American exhibits that go along with our current Nebraska studies.  I planned on doing some restaurant sampling, but the kids had sack lunches.  (I did plan on sharing bites at least!)  Well, as we unloaded to go eat at the Public Market tables, my older boys’ lunches were nowhere to be found.  We still planned on being gone for several more hours, and starving 8 and 11 year olds would have put a cramp in our plans.  I was pretty sure my intended lunch was not quite enough to share 3 ways and have us all be somewhat full.  And I was not wanting to buy everyone a full meal, or suddenly we would have LOTS of “forgotten” lunches.  So, I had to be creative.

Buffalo Wings and Rings Outdoor Sign

My older two boys LOVE spicy food, so I knew they would be rather excited about my plan.  I convinced the younger two to share their sandwiches, then promised to get some buffalo wings for us all to sample.  Buffalo Wings and Rings is located just up the stairs from the Public Market.

Buffalo Wings and Rings Welcoming Station

Think sports bar with more of an emphasis on food.  We ordered five Garlic-q wings to go.    (I was pretty sure they would rather we did not break out our sack lunches in their restaurant).   The kids did not complain at all about waiting for their food.  They were rather occupied by the 45 televisions that line the restaurant walls.  (My oldest decide to count for himself – he only came up with 43, but we will go with their official count).  I personally enjoyed wandering and reading some of their fun signs.

Buffalo Wings and Rings Signs

The manager told me that they keep VERY busy on game days.  They open at 10 on early game days.  If the game is a home one, the first shift is for those going to Memorial Stadium.  About an hour before the game, the place clears out.  Then people settle in who will sit there and watch the game.  At the conclusion of the match, those people clear out, and many tired and hungry attenders come back for supper.  So, to actually watch a game here, you have to perfect timing.  Lucky for you, you can always get your wings to go and sit out on the patio and watch the game on the super big wall across the courtyard.  Especially on a day like today that is supposed to be sunny and warm (for November anyway).

Buffalo Wings & Rings Food

I have not eaten a lot of wings in my day.  But I will say these were good size and rather yummy.  My older boys of course wanted the atomic wings.  I picked medium.  They were just the right amount of heat for me.  But still too spicy for my daughter – her brothers gladly devoured her neglected wing.  The boys are already clamoring to go back and try the atomic ones.  We’ll see if we let them go that far. 🙂

One of the best things – you can get celery sticks with ranch & blue cheese dips for FREE with your wings.   Our lunch menu for the day: fluffernutter sandwiches, grapes, French beef burgundy & biscuit, celery sticks with dip, garlic buffalo wings and French meringues/pound cake for dessert.  Most of the food groups were covered, right?  Might have been one of the oddest lunches I have ever served my kids.  Guess that is why moms get to be flexible!

P.S. They do have several locations across the United States, and you can check out their menu online.  If you want to know specifically what is happening at the Lincoln location, become a fan on their Facebook page.



Author: neodyssey