On September 21st, the MathAlive! exhibit opened at the Strategic Air and Space Museum near Ashland.  While I have been to the museum many times, I had obviously not seen the new display.  They graciously let me come in and take a few pictures.

Math Alive display

Being more of a word girl myself, I was not anticipating being so intrigued by exhibits devoted to math.  But I definitely was!  And I knew that my kids would LOVE it!

Math Alive skateboarding

Learning how math is involved with skateboards?

Math Alive rock wall

And how math relates to climbing rock walls?

Math Alive suspension bridge

And how math affects the building of suspension bridges?  Sign my boys up!

SAC ratio collage

I think my daughter would enjoy all of the activities too, but I know the she would really appreciate recognizing the close up shots of beautiful items.   (They have a similar photo collage on display, but I took photographs of my favorite pictures and made a collage of my own!)

Math Alive musical instruments

And once I saw the musical instruments, I knew that my husband would be delighted with exploring this exhibit as well.  Displays for the whole family!

So consider this a teaser … scenes with potential.  We have a field trip scheduled to the MathAlive! exhibit soon.  I can’t wait to explore the displays with my fingers as opposed to only looking from behind a camera lens.  The exhibit will be at the Strategic Air and Space Museum until the first part of January.  You do not want to miss the fun!

Math Alive ceiling art

Author: neodyssey