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Just as March is coming to a close tomorrow, so is Season Seven of Nebraska Stories.  Tonight is the last night.   If this fact makes you a bit melancholy, don’t worry – I have it on good authority that they are already working on Season 8.   At least warmer weather is (mostly) here – that is one good thing.  If spring is your thing, then the first segment will definitely be a “hole-in-one” for you.  Tonight is split – two incredibly inspiring people sandwiched between two interesting takes on two different sports.  I will admit that both middle segments made me a bit teary, so perhaps you should have the Kleenex handy.

NET golf

  • New Fans for Old Golf” introduces Omaha golfers who’ve tossed their modern clubs for a set antique irons and woods made from hickory and hand-forged steel. I love when people keep old traditions alive.  This was fascinating to me on me levels – the skill required in playing, but also the skill required in making both the clubs and the balls.  That was cool to see.
  • A Story of Hope” profiles Lincoln resident and author Abeny Kucha Tiir, a survivor of war-torn Sudan and her inspiring story of hope amidst challenges and tragedies.  Any time I feel like complaining, I think I need to watch this segment.  This woman’s positive perspective on life is amazing.  I appreciate how she has continued to make a positive difference in all lives that she touches.  Too many of us would choose to wallow in the past and get stuck there.  Not Abeny.  Her faith and her courage challenge me to have the same type of attitude in my struggles.  I have added her book, Tears of a Mother to my reading list – I think you should do the same.
  • The Spirit of Goodwill” introduces Steve Hennessey of Lincoln who, despite a learning disability and some significant challenges in life, has achieved 36 years of dedicated employment and is the Goodwill International Achiever of the Year. This segment right here might sum why I love Nebraska Stories so much.  Featuring an ordinary man who has just faithfully showed up to work and has served the community in the process.  He may never make the national headlines, but he is the type of person who makes Nebraska a great place to live!
  • Duck Pin Bowling” visits the small village of Potter in Cheyenne County. For a town that boasts being the “Home of the Tin Roof Sundae,” it is a convenient stop for curious and hungry travelers. It’s also where locals can still enjoy a serious game of duck pin bowling. Not sure what would compel me to visit Potter more: the ice cream or the bowling.  BOTH!  I hope this story allows them to continue to having both available for visitors.  Love it when small towns find a way to continue thriving.

Just a reminder that you can watch Nebraska Stories at 7:00 p.m. tonight (Thursday 3/31).  Or you can watch any of the Nebraska Stories episodes or segments online.

Walk Ons NET DVDAnd don’t worry – I did not forget my promise.  We need to give Season 7 an exciting conclusion – that is right, another giveaway!

With the Husker Spring game just two weeks away, I thought you might need a bit of inspiration.  This Walk Ons – Huskers’ Edge DVD put out by NET will get you in the mood for the spring game on 4/16/16.  Plus NET is going to add in a “Discovering Nebraska” DVD (not even available to the general public) plus another surprise or two along with a small Red NET notebook that will allow you to keep track of your adventures where you make your own Nebraska explorations.  To win, please comment below or on my Facebook page and simply tell us your favorite segment of Season 7.  Not sure that you remember all the segments?  Remember that you can take a peek at all of them online. I will announce the winner next week.  Thanks to NET for such a great giveaway!

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