I promise that I will be posting more about quilts in the next few days.  First I am taking a quick detour.  Normally I am all about going out for adventures.  But tomorrow I am encouraging you to stay home.  Read on to find out why. 🙂 

If I admit that I really enjoy watching public television, does that officially make me old? 🙂  While we do not watch every night, when we do tune in to NET (Nebraska Educational Television), our knowledge increases (as opposed to what happens when we watch most television shows).  I have especially enjoyed the few episodes that I have watched of the show, Nebraska Stories.  Obviously learning about the people and places of Nebraska is always enjoyable for me!

So, when NET approached me about reviewing their latest show that premieres tomorrow night, November 1st,  I was happy to do so.  They combined quite diverse topics into a fluent piece.   Below is a bit about each of the four segments and my own personal take on each topic.  (The “bold” words are  the description directly from Nebraska Educational Television.  The pictures were provided from NET as well.)

DAY OF THE DEAD – Join us on Día de los Muertos as we look death in the eye with humor, music, dancing — and art.


When my kids and I studied Mexico a few years ago, I was a bit taken aback by this holiday that features skeletons.  Although the celebration date is around our Halloween, their holiday is not about creepiness but is instead about honoring ancestors.  While this may not be a holiday that is celebrated in our home, I definitely want my kids to understand the distinctness of other culture’s celebrations. This segment does an excellent job of explaining this Mexican holiday and how the day is celebrated in Nebraska.

And if you want to give your children either an introduction or a follow-up to this holiday, here are some excellent children’s picture books.

Mary Molina and the Days of the Dead by Kathleen Krull

Ghost Wings by Barbara Joose

Day of the Dead by Tony Johnston (He has several  great books about Mexican culture)

NEVER FORGET – A Holocaust education program in Omaha resurrects the music and art of a place called Terezin.

Never Forget4

My grandpa was a liberator in World War 2.  Because of the horrors of seeing those who had survived concentration camps, he did not share too many of his experiences.  But this is a part of history that we must not forget.  The Institute for Holocaust Education is the organization that leads the tours that happen at the Strategic Air and Space Museum near Ashland.  This segment provides a glimpse behind some of the excellent education that they provide to keep the stories alive.

We have a studied a bit about this topic in our homeschool.  I want my children to be aware that the world is not such a beautiful place all of the time.  But I also want them to not be scared.  Here are again some excellent books that I think help with expanding on the segment from NET.

My favorite one: Erika’s Story by Ruth Vander Zee (a true story of sacrifice)

The Harmonica  by Tony Johnston is based on a true story how one boy survived the holocaust

My Secret Camera: Life in the Lodz Ghetto  by Mendel Grossman which gives glimpses into what really happened in these World War 2 ghettos

Music for the End of Time  by Jen Bryant which is based on true on of another way that the arts helped with survival

Here is a link some more educational resources from the IHE.  At our local library, there are many additional books available directly about Terezin.  As I am unfamiliar with most of them, I do not feel that I can recommend any personally, but they would be worth checking into.

MIRACLE ON THE PRAIRIE  – A century ago, in the town of Axtell, a new kind of care began for people with intellectual disabilities.


As we have relatives from the Axtell area, I immediately embraced the story of a community that strives to make a difference in this special segment of people.  I agreed with their philosophy of reaching out to others personally, rather than leaving that up to the government.  I was definitely inspired to continue to love my neighbor, no matter who he or she might be.

To learn more, please visit Mosaic’s website.

DREAM CAR AUCTION  – The sights and sounds of the Lambrecht survivor car auction in Pierce, Nebraska.

Auction 5

My husband happens to own a 1964 Chevy Impala.  Unfortunately for him, the poor car sits under a tarp.  As the appreciation of classic cars runs in both of our families, I know that we would have enjoyed attending this auction of “new” old Chevrolets.  We did not make it to Pierce that week-end. So I am glad that NET did, so that we all can have a small glimpse into what happened at that unprecedented car auction.


November 1, 2013 – 7:30pm on NET1/HD
November 1, 2013 – 10:30pm on NET1/HD
November 4, 2013 – 10:00pm on NET1/HD
Can’t wait?  Here is a preview.
And if you missed their spring episode, you can still watch it online.

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