Webster City, Iowa, might not make it on to the “Top Ten Destinations Around the World” list.  Or even the “Top Ten Destinations in the United States” list.  But for this Nebraska girl, I could not be more excited about our week-end trip to Webster City, Iowa.  For one thing, just my husband is tagging along.  Although we have had spent a night or two away, we have not had this many hours “alone” on a getaway since we have had kids.  Technically we will not be alone as several other bloggers also have Webster City on their vacation agenda this week-end.  But we will be with just grown-ups – I do call that a nice break for this minivan mama.

If you would like to follow along to all of the places we are going, please stay tuned to my Nebraska Odyssey Instagram account or my Nebraska Odyssey Twitter account.  To follow along with me AND the other travelers, we will be using the hashtag: #WebCityRocks. I will be giving you a firsthand tour of the wonderful adventures that they have planned for us.  Once I get back and have time to settle in,  I will be writing a post or two about our adventures as well as creating a Webster City board on my Nebraska Odyssey Pinterest page.  If you checked out the updates on my blog at all, you will see that I have a new “Beyond Nebraska” page.  Someday these posts may get their own site, but for now, I think that is the perfect place to share our experiences outside of the Nebraska border.

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My name is Gretchen Garrison. I started this blog about Nebraska in 2013. So far, I have written three books about Nebraska and Lincoln.