One week left until the political ad’s stop for a bit.  And maybe the political survey calls too.  At least I am hopeful that will happen!

Yes, I am grateful for those who spend their time in political service.  I know that those jobs can definitely require sacrifice.  And commitment.  But I absolutely could do without so many television advertisements.  Especially the attack ad’s.   That does not persuade me AT ALL to want to vote for the person who is being critical.  In fact, the opposite tends to be true – that person is the one who often will NOT get my vote.   Although I am rather tired of the campaigns, I do feel that voting is a privilege and a responsibility!

Because many of the candidates seem to have similar views, at least during the primaries, trying to know who I really want elected to office can be confusing.  That is why I am grateful for one particular site.  This non-partisan site presents surveys to all of the area candidates.  You can then compare the answers and decide which person lines up with your own ideology.  No opinions – just the facts.

You can search by county or by race.  I have found that it is particularly helpful in learning about judges or the “smaller” races that do not pay for advertisements.  This is a LOCAL NEBRASKA site.  They are always looking for volunteers (and for donors who will continue to help improve their website).    I have been in touch with the lady who started this site, and I am so appreciative of her efforts.  She and the other volunteers have done an excellent job of helping Nebraskan voters be informed and educated.  So, I know that when I vote next week I will be able to vote according to what I believe and for the issues that I think are important!


P.S.  Ever wonder if your vote really matters?

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