Several weeks ago, we were on our vacation across Nebraska.  When we were in the town of Broken Bow, a few of the kids and I headed over to a little coffee shop to get our Nebraska Passport Stamp.  We intended on going in and out in a hurry, but once I stepped inside, a feeling of calm descended on my heart.  I could no longer rush.  Prairie Grounds Cafe and Gifts was simply lovely.  Suddenly I was wishing that we had several hours to spend in Broken Bow.

Why You Should Visit Prairie Grounds Cafe and Gifts in Broken Bow Nebraska


We had just eaten a picnic at the park, so I did not look too closely at the menu.  (I know they had soups and sandwiches).  Dessert on the other hand … their homemade treats are created in the back along with a varied selection of drinks.  Chelsie was the chef that day, and we left having purchased a few of her cookies and an apple cinnamon scone.  Yum!  Most items are freshly made on site, but they do bring in gluten free items for those who need to follow a special diet.

In one corner of the place was a little conversation area.  Most of the items were for sale, but they all add to welcoming atmosphere.  Sitting inside this room with hot cocoa and a good book watching the snow fall would be lovely indeed.  Prairie Grounds is definitely a place where you want to linger.

Prairie Grounds Café and Gifts Outdoors

Right outside the back door, there is another area where you will want to sit and enjoy life for awhile.  I almost missed the Prairie Grounds hideaway.  Thankfully friendly Mary Ann, who was working at the counter that day, told me that I needed to see the courtyard.


The owners have a created a bit of paradise that would be perfect for whittling away a beautiful sunny day.  This picture only captures part of the patio area.  The area includes tables for two, so you can dine with a friend.  The next time I make it to Broken Bow, I will be going there with intention.  And with several hours to spare, so I can actually get to soak up the serenity!

P.S. This lovely location is a part of the Nebraska passport program.  If you are close enough, definitely stop by today to get a stamp AND a treat!  And if your family did participate in the 2013 Nebraska Passport program, the program is ending for the year.  The entries must be postmarked today: September 30, 2013.

Author: neodyssey