When we went to Hasting last fall, we were on a mission to try cinnamon rolls.  Seeking out the delicious baked goods from the Back Alley Bakery, I had no idea that they also sold soap. Pacha soap to be precise.  Carefully crafted right there in Hastings.  How can you not be intrigued by the names of some of their bars of soap? Washbuckler?  Dirty Hippie?  The scents are as intriguing as the titles.

Pacha soap


At the time, I was thinking Christmas presents and was impressed with their selection.  My sister-in-law enjoys gardening, so I was excited to find a kind that featured rosemary and other herbs.  When I picked up the package that was when my appreciation of this product catapulted.


For every bar of soap that they sell, they GIVE a bar of soap away.  Not to their smelly neighbor down the street, but to specific developing countries across the world.  Their conceptual plan to make a difference in a tangible way is definitely an admirable one.  If you have a moment, I would highly suggest you reading about their beginnings on their website.

You possibly guessed that this time Pacha is donating a bit closer to home.   One of my readers will soon be getting to try not just one but SIX of their bars.  (Aren’t they such a generous company?)  The soap is a part of their summer collection.  Before sharing all about their company with all of you, I decided that the time had come for me to try their soap for myself (and not just be satisfied with my sister-in-law’s complimentary review).

I used their store locator to find the location nearest to me.  Probably the clerks were all wondering why someone was lining up all of the bars in a row to take a picture.  (I must confess that I didn’t explain myself and acted like taking one of every single Pacha soap was a perfectly normal way to spend time).  After a bit of pondering, this is the kind that I selected.

Pacha soap Tangerine Eucalptus

Why?  I liked the tropical undertones.  And the description on the side:

The cooling and refreshing effect of eucalyptus essential oil helps to rejuvenate our minds while tangerine adds a touch of sweetness.  If you’re feeling down and out, choose Tangerine “You-can-lift-us.”

My impression of the soap?  Fantastic!  I liked the mixture of the scents plus the feeling of the soap.  Definitely a harder bar than your typical store bought brand which to me signifies that it will last longer.  Plus, most importantly, I did feel clean after my shower.  That feeling does not often come after certain brands of soap.  I am certain that I will be buying Pacha soap again.   To be perfectly honest, I am also hopeful that my kids do not discover how great the soap is – not so certain that I want to share. 🙂

Anyway, to be eligible for this 6-pack of soap giveaway, please comment below of either what kind of Pacha soap that you would like to try (see the picture above), OR what kind of scents you think that Pacha should combine for their next variety of bar soap.  I will pick a winner sometime next week – the middle of July.  🙂  A BIG thank you to Pacha soap for giving a six-bar collection to one of my readers.  I was not compensated in any other way for this promotional post, and my appreciation for this great company was not influenced by anything other than great soap!

P.S. Yes, I will be picking a winner of my “Nebraska Land and Sky” DVD soon.  Just trying to make sure I give everyone enough time to enter.

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