On a trip up to Omaha this summer, we decided to grab a quick supper out. This place was new to us but has been an Omaha tradition since 1959.  Bronco’s!

Broncos sign

Currently there are two locations to choose from: 1123 South 120th St (near Pacific) or 4540 Leavenworth.  We chose the former.

Broncos riders

The Western decor just fits when you want to mosey on in for a burger.

Broncos best fries

They were voted Omaha’s best french fries in 2012.  We tried both their regular and their Laredo fries.  Our vote was mixed as to which kind was better.

Broncos menu

Their menu has the typical fast food options.  But at great prices.  We chose to drink water, and with their ala carte prices being less expensive, that choice worked great.  Rather than getting meals, we just ordered a bunch of food to share, so that we could try everything.  We tried both the regular hamburgers and cheeseburgers.  Thin like other fast food places yet fresher.  My favorite was the hickory – their version of a barbecue burger.  We also tried their famous freshly breaded pork tenderloin – definitely a nice option beyond burgers!

Two things were slightly distracting about our experience.

Broncos stool

We sat on the fun bar stools.  They were lower, which is nice, but I think someone still managed to fall off.  And when you are spinning around, eating takes a lower priority.  Obviously a booth might be safer, especially if my husband and I sit on the outside seats, making everyone else be stuck. This would be especially helpful because …

Broncos video games

Video games.  Even without providing our children with any money, they spent a lot of time by the games.  This was rather distracting.  Maybe if we sat on the other side of the restaurant next time?

Broncos family picture

Overall, our experience was definitely positive.  We would definitely go to Bronco’s again sometime, and the kids definitely liked everything about the places.  I like eating at original places that are full of tradition.  The food was good at even better prices.  Very economical for a family of six!

Author: neodyssey