This week, the Omaha Children’s Museum opened up a new temporary exhibit.  Super Sports: Building Strength, Sportsmanship and Smarts is a perfect way to help kids be active and burn off some energy.  My two youngest kids and a friend were able to preview the exhibit before it opened.  We will definitely be back because we learned rather quickly that 45 minutes was not enough time to explore.  What is fun about this exhibit is the fact that parents can easily play along.

Super SportsSuper Sports: Building strength.

Growing stronger is an obvious result of exercise.  What I appreciate is the fact that there are many ways presented to make this possible.   Charts abound with ideas on how to improve performance.

What else is fun is the fact that they feature many different sports.  Ever wanted to try out lacrosse?  What about curling?  Now before you get too worried, anyone can handle curling on a plastic piece of “ice.”  I definitely couldn’t resist trying to a slide a stone across the surface.

To bring the sports close to home, local athletes were interviewed about their events. Throughout the time of exhibit, some of them are even going to make appearances. Kids can try on select Omaha area jerseys.

Super SportsSuper Sports: Sportsmanship

While my kids are athletic enough, they will never be superstars.  So for me, I care far more about their attitudes than their aptitude.  I am so glad that this exhibit focuses not just on technique but also on the approach.

Particularly when we think about the “major” sports, big time athletes who did not handle themselves well come to mind.  Teaching kids how to handle both winning and losing gracefully is an important life lesson.

Super SportsSuper Sports: Smarts

To be a proficient athlete, understanding is needed of the game.  Best practices are needed to be examined.   As far as preparation, what happens off the field is as important as what happens.  I appreciate the fact that this exhibit includes nutrition and sports medicine too.

Some of the displays are a bit more challenging.  The short rock climbing wall teaches kids to analyze the next best steps.  Strategy is involved for many of the others.

You will definitely want to take your kids to the “Super Sports” exhibit.  Actually you may want to buy a membership.  Your kids will be begging to return again and again to this one.  Actually you might very well feel the same.


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