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Possibly this is not the house that you would be expecting to see in the middle of the country.  Yet when you see the sign and hear the story, all of it comes together.

You see a house needed a new place to rest …

Leavitt House Sign text

This longtime family farm was in need of a new home …

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Once the two combined together, Prairie Creek Inn Bed and Breakfast gave them both a new purpose.

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How it all came together is a fascinating story and possibly too long for a blog post.  I hope someday to tell it, but for now I will give you glimpses into one of my favorite places in the Lincoln area.  As you drive into the property, you can still see evidence of the family farm that used to be here.

Field text

This picture of the crops was taken last summer!

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As you stand inside the residence, you can see parts of the original home that remain.  Due to being abandoned for a short season, some of the home’s woodwork had to be replaced.  This bannister happens to be original.  For this post, I decided not to focus on the interior of the home, lovely as it may be.  The good news is that you can get a glimpse inside this home simply by making reservations.  Two hour “Tea and Tours” are offered by appointment at a cost of $10 per person for groups ranging in size from 8 to 32 people.  This is an excellent way to see a historical home and also to support the restoration that continues to go on.  Remodeling is never an easy process!


Barn Exterior text

Having celebrated both a birthday party and church wedding at the barn within the past few years, I was quite surprised when I stepped inside the barn this week.  This has been the most recent transformation at the Prairie Creek Inn Bed and Breakfast.

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The hayloft has been narrowed and become simply a balcony with the original planking underneath becoming a dance floor below.  Many a wedding and celebration does take place out here.  One can definitely see why.

Barn Pleasant View Farm with Kids text

I love how they have maintained the authenticity of the farm while improving its function.

Buggy text

An old-time buggy has become the focal point of the entrance.

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The family horses are corralled out back.  This is more for the owners than for the visitors.  If you tour the basement, you would see that their love of the “Old West” and family has influenced their home.  The innkeepers, Bruce and Maureen Stahr, have been friends of our family for years.  This is definitely one reason why we love going out there – I always enjoy visiting with both of them!

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Another reason that this place is so lovely is the space.   Located near 148th & Van Dorn, the home is located within minutes from Lincoln, so you are close enough to still go experience the city.  Yet staying in the country instead of city is refreshing and relaxing – you truly do feel that you can get it away from it all!

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Roaming around is also a possibility when you stay at the bed & breakfast.  Paths lead you through the nearby trees and up the hill to the little lake.  Sitting nearby is the log cabin which has been built by Bruce and his crew.  Renting out either the whole cabin or just a suite, you can get back to nature.  A bit closer to the main bed & breakfast is the original farm house.  This too has undergone a transformation and also can be rented ( the whole house or just a suite as well).  Unlike many smaller bed & breakfasts, up to ten separate groups can stay at the Prairie Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast in one of the three available buildings.

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One last important bit of information: Prairie Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast is a part of the “Hit the Snooze” Nebraska Passport tour this year!  Here is a picture of my kids right before we got our official stamp the other day.  Now you have the perfect excuse to go out and check out the Prairie Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast.


Author: neodyssey