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We have been a bit busy around here lately.  When I was a single school teacher, Thanksgiving break meant vacation.  That is not exactly true now that I am a mom.  While I have blogged about several of our happenings this month, there are many that I have missed.  While a few of these places may eventually end up with their own post, rather than forgetting a few important items, I thought a wrap-up post was in order.

This year our family is taking a “trip” around the world.  Without leaving our home, of course.  All fall we have been in Europe.  Much to my surprise, I discovered that Lincoln has an actual European market.  Located just northwest of 27th & Superior, Harvest European Market features hard-to-find items, especially from Eastern Europe.  The Serbian cheese and meat pies that we cooked at home were so delicious, as were the chocolates.  We have been enjoying a white chocolate spread – I have unsuccessfully tried to hide it, so it lasts a bit longer.  The couple that runs this place emigrated here many years ago from Eastern Europe, and I enjoyed hearing stories about their life in the “old country.”

Berry Patch CollageWhen I attended the annual holiday boutique to benefit Tiny Hands International, I discovered a local mom with a flair for clothing print design.  When I saw that one of her soft selections featured Nebraska, I decided that it was the perfect belated birthday present for my husband to get for me. (Thanks, Honey!) The Berry Patch is operated by Renee Berry – a very lovely Mom out of the Omaha area.  Look for her at various craft shows, and you can also order her items online.

Boss (Chicken &) Pizza with TextOne of our new eating discoveries in Lincoln is Boss’ Pizza and Chicken.  While not exactly a “cheap” pizza, the better ingredients makes a far better pizza.  Actually I must confess that we had their pizza twice this week thanks to coupons – once for a date night & once with the kids.  I will have a full post about them in the coming weeks, but I wanted to tell you an interesting fact about them before Black Friday.  They happen to be open until 3 am and even have a breakfast pizza.  So if you are out shopping and get the middle-of-the-night-munchies, you may just want to head to their 10th & Cornhusker location.

SAS Museum Robot CollageThis was the week for field trips for us.  On Monday, we enjoyed testing out various types of robots at the Strategic Air and Space Museum near Ashland.  Besides that fun experience, the kids REALLY enjoyed their latest temporary exhibit featuring football.  My favorite part was the fact that my husband joined us on this one!  One other upcoming event on December 5th that you may want to check out: Santa Goes to Space featuring Astronaut Clayton Anderson and the other big guy himself.

On Tuesday, we enjoyed introducing my adorable niece to the Lincoln Children’s Museum’s newest exhibits.  Having older kids now, I had forgotten that they have special “Connect and Play” events for moms of young ones.  I figured since I brought along a toddler, I qualified this time. 🙂  Having brought along five kids to the museum, I relished the Lincoln Coffee Company coffee along with the cookie that I didn’t feel the least bit guilty not sharing with my kiddos.  Actually, my kids were so focused on their cousin that this might have been the easiest visit to the museum ever.

Lincoln Children's Museum Collage 11-24-15

As far as our Thanksgiving plans, we may not venture too far from home.  Nebraska weather is not seeming to be very friendly over the next few days.  Since I am adamant about not doing Black Friday shopping until Friday early morning, I am not too worried about that part.  But I am a bit sad that we might not see extended family.  Guess we will have to create our own memories at home.  I hope all of you also have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

P.S. On Saturday, I plan on telling you all about our experience at  the Starry Nights, an event to benefit the Lincoln People’s City Mission.  The family activities are happening on Saturday and Sunday.  Since the free “sneak peak” of the 25 decorated Christmas trees is happening on Friday afternoon/evening, I thought I should mention the event today.

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