Like any student who went off to college, I loved to get letters from home.  Both my mom and my dad would communicate with me, but there was a stark difference between their communication styles.

My dad would primarily e-mail.  (Since I went to college in the mid-90’s, this was a rather new thing!)  He would get right to the point and fill in only the necessary details, but I knew he was thinking of me.  I printed some out and took them with me!  The Reader’s Digest version.

My mom would write long handwritten letters.  Full of news and information and questions as to how I was doing.  I tucked them away and now have a file folder full of them.  (Maybe I should make copies soon before the ink blurs together, and they become illegible!)  Her letters were an occasion – meant for savoring and taking time to absorb the details.

As I begin to write about places in this blog, I plan to combine the best of both of their writing styles.  A box where you can find out the details (hours, location, recommended ages, what to bring and even what food is available).  And also there will be a narrative telling about our family’s experience exploring there.  Because sometimes you just want the facts and sometimes you want the story.  If you are like me, you may even feel most at home with both!


Author: neodyssey