Map Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Map Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Burt County in Nebraska

Established in 1854 as one of Nebraska’s first counties.

Boundaries approved in 1855 then redefined in 1862.

County seat: Tekamah

Nebraska License Plate Number: 31

Named for Francis Burt, Nebraska’s first territorial governor.  The incredibly short-lived governor.  Please click on this link to learn more.

Past Burt County Towns

Bertrand – naming a town after a ship that sank nearby possibly caused this town to also be doomed.  Okay, not really.  But I do think that it is an interesting coincidence.  What else is interesting?  For six years, there were actually two Bertrands in Nebraska.  The other one is located in Phelps County – several of my relatives live there.  If that was still the case today, the zip code would be rather crucial.

Golden Spring.  Named for a spectacular spring.  Dropped the spring and became Golden.  That did not help the town to celebrate a golden anniversary as it still disappeared.  Evidently this also was an important stage coach line stop.

This county was a big train route with stations for the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Railroad line.  Former towns on the line include Conkling, Ouren, Spur, Zion.

Current Burt County Towns

Decautur.  Named for Stephen, the man with the plan for a ferry that linked this part of the state to Iowa.  Although this town has lasted, the location has actually changed due to frequent flooding.

Tekamah.  Founded by Colonel Benjamin R. Folsom and eight companies from Utica, New York.  Possibly also named for a county in California.  Located on an old Indian camping ground.

Map Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Map Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Visiting Burt County Today …

This county known for its murals – several can be seen in the on buildings and also the Burt County Courthouse has a patriotic mural on the 2nd floor.

Tekamah also celebrates Burt County at a museum and historical home.

If you visit Tekamah, you will definitely want to stop at Master’s Hand Candles Co. and Gift Shop.  Beyond candles, they also feature Serendipity Chocolates and Tekamah Floral.  As they like to advertise, every woman’s dream shop.


You will find two Nebraska State Recreation Areas.  Pretty places worth exploring.

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