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Today began the 2 day “Celebrate Lincoln” festival.  The kids I headed down there a little after lunch.  They had fun playing a few games and  were excited about winning a few prizes.

Celebrate Lincoln 2

They also enjoyed playing in the bouncy houses.

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I enjoyed the fact that from 11-2 on both days, there is free admission.  So being outside for a festival worked out well.

They do have a wide variety of great Lincoln food vendors, including HF Crave Burgers, Brix & Stone and La Paloma.  We ended up not eating down there this time.  But if you had picky eaters or like variety, this would be a great opportunity to sample.  You pay for the food with tickets that you buy at a booth.  They do accept credit cards.

A few key things to keep in mind …

Celebrate Lincoln 7

These are the bathroom options – go in advance.

Celebrate Lincoln 6

While they do have a balloon lady, the line was REALLY long. So maybe don’t make that promise.  There was not a big crowd this afternoon, so my kids could go on any of the bouncy houses (probably 5-6 of them) without any wait time.

Celebrate Lincoln 8

One more note: the family zone will close at 8.  And children must be with adults after 9 – probably a good call!

CONCERTS: starting at 5:30 tonight, many groups are hitting the stage.  Tonight at 9:30.  American Idol star, David Cook is on stage.  Tomorrow night at 9:30, David Nail is the artist.  Come rain or come shine.  There is admission after 2, but only $7 per adult and a few dollars for children.  Not a bad price at all to hear such great concerts!






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Author: neodyssey