I must confess that I do not remember turning 39.  Not sure why.  I bet we went out-to-eat at least once.  I bet my family gave me hugs, presents and cards.  As for 40, that one I remember.  A surprise party where I was actually surprised.  That milestone did not scare me – I like the 40’s just fine.  While I do happen to remember turning 29 (I had our first baby 9 days earlier), for the most part, we only seem to remember the milestone birthdays.

This year Nebraska turns 149.  A fairly substantial number, but one that seems to be going on without much pomp and circumstance.  If you happen to live in Ogallala, you can attend a big celebration there this afternoon from 3-7 MST with Kool-aid, Nebraska trivia and more family fun.  (I am trying to convince my husband to let me take the kids out for the day.  What is a 4 hour drive for a party after all?)  If you happen to be in Washington DC, you can join the crew for a night on the town.


As for Lincoln and Omaha?  Not much going on that I can discover.   There is a small celebration at the Nebraska Capitol today at noon featuring some students singing. But next year?  Next year is a MUCH different story.  The party  planning has been underway for awhile now.

Next year is Nebraska’s sesquicentennial.  Trying saying that five times fast.  Try saying that once.

Some of the events will be gearing up soon.  Many more will happen during 2017.  You will want to be a part of this celebration.  Visit NE150 to find out more.

As for the 149th birthday?  Well, take yourself out to lunch.  Or out to ice cream.  If anyone asks what’s the occasion, simply tell them that you are celebrating Nebraska’s 149th birthday.  After all, somebody needs to do that, right?


Author: neodyssey

My name is Gretchen Garrison. I started this blog about Nebraska in 2013. So far, I have written three books about Nebraska and Lincoln.