Sometimes I read other people’s blogs, and I wonder if they are really as enthusiastic about what they are promoting as what is implied.  I hope that you never get that feeling from me.  If you could see the smile on my face when I am watching the latest episode.  Learning more about the people and places of this state just makes me smile.   I am glad to promote  Nebraska Stories  on my site!  

  • “Gold Star Kids” The Gold Star Kids Honor Flight brought together widows and children of military members from Nebraska killed in the War on Terror since September 11.  The flight was modeled after previous honor flights for war veterans.  As the families arrived at the Omaha airport, hundreds of people greeted them and hundreds more when the plane landed in Lincoln.  ANd when they were recognized during a Nebraska football game, Memorial Stadium roared with applause.  Not surprisingly, this segment made me cry.  Actually I wanted to sob.  Hearing the little boys talk about missing their Dad is heartbreaking.  I loved the fact that they honored the wives and families of the fallen.  Can we ever thank the military  and their families enough?
  • Trail Ride” Ride along with a group of horsewomen who appreciate the recreational trails that allow them to enjoy the beauty of western Nebraska.  As I have mentioned before, I always wanted a horse.  Now my daughter wants one.  Now that I am a “grown-up,” I grasp the fact that horses require much work.  Since we live in town, this is a non-issue.  But this segment made for the cowboy boots that I finally gave away once I realized that my Palomino has to stay a picture.  At least for now …
  • Agate Fossil Beds” – Agate Fossil Beds National Monument may have just celebrated its 50th year as a national park, but its diverse history may make it among the most interesting parks in the nation.  We bypassed this location on our Western Nebraska trip because we ran out of time.  Now I am filled with regret about this choice as there is more to this location than I imagined.    Loved hearing how the Cook family made such a positive impact on their neighbors so long ago.  And the fact that they preserved a slice of history for all of us.
  • For The Love of The Game” Every town had a team, but not every team had a town. Nebraska Stories checks out the Nebraska Baseball Hall of Fame in Beatrice to explore a time when independent baseball leagues played every Sunday in old ball fields across our state.  Baseball has always been our family’s summer sport, and my nephew is playing college ball.  I have sat through many a game.  I love the idea of a simpler time when baseball was the main pastime rather than screen time.
  • Conversation with Maestro Wilkens” – In this profile of Omaha Symphony Music Director Thomas Wilkens, he shares how the discovery classical music at an early age changed him forever.  Hearing how people make important decisions is intriguing to me.  Wilkens vision impacted his life’s mission.  The fact that he wants to pass on his love of music, particularly the classical style, made this story even more endearing to me. 
  • Prairie Lighthouse” It’s one of seven inland lighthouses in the United States and was built of native stone by jobless veterans during The Great Depression. Enjoy the end of a summer day through our video essay of The Lake Minatare Historic Lighthouse.  What a beautiful place to spend an hour or two.  Okay – the whole day.  The fact that the middle of the United States has such a break-taking lighthouse was surprising to me.  Love the vision of those who built this in the 1930’s.  I wonder if they got a few strange looks when they informed family and friends that their mission was to build a Nebraska Lighthouse?  Or maybe a geography lesson? 🙂

Remember this episode was the second one to be shown today.  On Thursday February 25th, Episodes 709 and 710 air back-to-back 7pm and 7:30pm CT respectively on NET.  Unable to watch the show live?  You can find all Nebraska Stories episodes and segments online.

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