Being thankful is easy when you really think about your blessings.  During the fall, I am surrounded by decorations that remind me of how blessed I am.  These four potholders that my kids  made for me a few years ago are displayed proudly. I am so excited to have them as a part of my fall display.  After all, I do not exactly want to use them and ruin them.  But sitting them in a drawer would be kind of sad.  Now I am reminded how quickly my children are growing up!

Thankful for my four blessings

They happen to be a part of my buffet display this year.  I love looking over at the collection featuring many items from people that I love.  The two glass candy dishes that used to be at my Grandma’s – having them up high makes more sense than filling them every other day. 🙂

The little “Blessings” sign was given to me by Mom at some point.  She is always surprising me with little gifts like that.  Definitely thankful for her continued presence in my life.  Plus that word reminds me that God is the One that has truly blessed me with all of these gifts that I do not deserve.  I am so thankful to Him!

The pumpkin plate was from my other Grandma’s collection, along with the turkey salt & pepper shakers.  Every year we celebrate Thanksgiving at someone else’s house, so I have yet to use them.  But I love getting to see them out all of the time.

As for the pumpkin loaf pan, that just happens to be from my season in MOPS, when I had four littler kids running around.  Although bread in this pan would no longer feed all of us anymore, I do like to remember that time.

The plate holder used to be my mother-in-law’s, and I love changing it out every season.  While my husband cannot claim to have given any of the items, he is the one that put it there.  Along with countless other ways that he thinks of me and takes care of us, I am thankful.

This only touches on parts of the special touches that decorate my house that are from others that I love.  But since you probably have a turkey to carve, maybe I will leave it at this for now. 🙂  Happy Thanksgiving from me and my family to yours.  May you continue to reflect throughout the year on all the blessings that you have been given.

P.S.  I am one of those silly people who think that Thanksgiving is its own holiday.  So, you will not find me promoting “Black Friday.”  I may very well go shopping that morning, but it will be after 6 a.m.  Then I plan on watching the game and hanging out with my family.  I plan on giving myself the next few days “off” in fact.  But I am pre-posting about a great Nebraska company that you should support this week-end on “Small Business Saturday.”

Author: neodyssey