Another one of our family traditions also happens to involve ice cream.  Every May on our “last” day of school, we go out for ice cream for lunch.  Yes, for that one day a year, we skip over “healthy” food and go straight for dessert.  Our location this year: Ivanna Cone.

4 scoopsThey used to have kids cones – they were a smaller amount for a smaller price.  I kind of miss that!  So, to make our outing more reasonable, I must confess that I ordered two bowls of double scoops.  I divided my kids into pairs and had them share bowls together.  That mostly went okay.  We enjoyed our celebration! After spending several hours the other day at downtown Lincoln museums, my kids were glad to revisit Ivanna Cone.  This time I happened to notice that not only could you order a double dip, you could actually get up to 4 scoops.  Half the cost of ordering 4 single bowls.  Yep, handing my kids one large bowl and 4 scoops of ice cream went about as well as you can imagine.  Especially since I chose not to order my own and instead just mooched a few (okay, several) bites off of them.  We will be going back to just ordering singles (or at least doubles!)

For what you get, Ivanna Cone is very reasonably priced.  They make all of their own ice cream – in front of you in fact.  They also make their own waffle cones – we haven’t splurged on one of those yet (since all 4 of my children would insist on their own then – no sharing allowed!), but they smelled delicious.  Most of their flavors change every day, and you can find out their daily menu on Ivanna Cone’s Facebook page.

Ivanna Cone flavor sign

After checking out even more of their recent flavors on Facebook this morning, I think I am glad that they are not open yet.  Or I would be calling someone to watch my kids so I could enjoy my own waffle cone.  (After all, one is not splurging – ordering six cones is when it is more of an event!)  Anyway … I would order Red Raspberry Velvet Cake.  Or Dark Chocolate Peppermint Oreo.  Or Buttermilk Peach Pie.  Maybe I should stop?  Anyway, they do a great job of coming up with new flavors while keeping a few consistently on the menu …

4 Standard Flavors They consistently have:
Vanilla A sherbet AND a sorbet
Chocolate A coffee version
Strawberry A nutty version
Cinnamon A mint version
  Vanilla Ice Milk

One important thing to remember:

Ivanna Cone cash or check

Now that I carry my checkbook with me, I am okay with this.  Before that, I almost always forgot this stipulation and had to run to the ATM!

Ivanna Cone kitchenThey also have a great play area.  My kids could happily enjoy their tiny kitchen area all afternoon.  So, if you are looking to have a friend outing, this is a great place since the kids can interact while moms may actually manage to finish a conversation!


Whatever your flavor, whatever your kind, our family definitely agrees that a trip down to Ivanna Cone is worth the effort!

P.S. I sent this to Ivanna Cone – they had a suggestion for how to make the waffle cones possible for a family.

If we are making cones when you come in, ask for them to leave one flat and it will make the sharing of pieces easier (plus the kidlets won’t mind if they don’t get it in cone form. 

I will definitely be doing this next time, as I am not sure my youngest two especially could finish one anyway!

Author: neodyssey