Not sure about you but watching all the basketball this time of year makes me hungry.  As if I was the one burning all of the calories rather than the players …  Snacks usually sound good.  And what could be better than a farm fresh burger?

HF Crave is the ultimate in a farm fresh food experience. Why?  The farmers actually own the restaurant that serves the beef that they raise on their farm.  When I heard that the Hollenbecks were opening a restaurant, I was rather excited as we have known their family for years since our families are both alumni of Lincoln Christian.  In fact, a friend and I walked in for a sneak peak just before they opened several years ago.  (Unfortunately no samples were involved).  But our family has gone back several times since they have opened to enjoy their delicious meat.  Worth the trip clear across town.

HF Crave Collage

In 2012 soon after they opened, they actually won the best burger in Lincoln award.  You can see the list of competing establishments on their website – they went up against quite the restaurants.  What makes this a fun restaurant is all of the selection that they have available.  Not only do they have beef but also chicken, portabella and vegan selections.  Plus you get to choose your own bun (including a gluten free one), cheese and extras.  Hot dogs and salads are also options.  Choices!!!!

HF Crave Food Options Collage

My personal favorite is the PB & B: Peanut butter, bacon and grilled onions.  When my kids and I went in February, I could not convince them of the merits of that combo.  Since we were sharing, I was out of luck.  The “Cowboy Up” and “Steakhouse” are also delicious.   I love the fact that they always have sweet potato fries, although notice I lost that option too.  (Evidently I just need to return with just my husband since I get to pick then! 🙂 )  The other fun part about HF Crave?  You can buy a Hollenbeck Farms gift package and take home the meat with you.  Although once you have eaten at their restaurant, you may never want to grill your own burger again – they are quite yummy.  Hurry on over, you have ten minutes before they close.  🙂

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