During the last two weeks, did you manage to get caught up on any of the Nebraska Stories Season 7 episodes that you have missed?  If not, don’t worry.  Just two more episodes left, then you will have some time before Season 8 begins.  This episode of Nebraska Stories is mainly about the people with one bonus encore segment on a project that is one of my favorites.

Episode 712 Collage

  • “The Path to Sainthood” showcases Monsignor Edward Flanagan of the famed Boys Town in Omaha as he is being vetted for sainthood. Making a saint is no easy process, but it is rich with ancient traditions, and the Catholic priest could be Nebraska’s first.  15,000 documents to support this effort.  That was the part that stunned me.  Having finally visited Boys Town in December and seeing a bit of Father Flanagan’s efforts firsthand, I do think this man lived out what maybe was one of his theme verses: Micah 6:8 “Do justice.  Love mercy.  Walk humbly with your God.”
  • “The Legacy of General John J. Pershing” profiles “Black Jack” Pershing. Long before he took command as General of the Armies during World War I, he was professor of military science and tactics at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. When Pershing arrived in 1891, the cadet training program was in disarray, but within a year he turned it into the nation’s best drill team.   For me, Pershing symbolizes a place more than a person as the “Pershing Center” in downtown Lincoln was where I attended many an event in my younger years.  I enjoyed learning about this man who overcame hardship with discipline.  This is a great segment to watch to understand a notable Nebraska transplant who made an impact on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln first, then went on to change the world.
  • “Lost Writer Ervin Krause” explores the story behind Nebraska writer Ervin Krause whose rediscovered works are now celebrated by Nebraska’s literati in Lincoln.  This author was a bit controversial in his time.  Last fall, I had enjoyed learning about some of these “lost” writers of the Plains.  I think NET did a great job of uncovering some interesting people.
  • “Enchanted Arboretum” explores a multi-year public art project which blends the beauty of trees with original art to create an enchanted forest in Nebraska City.  Several of these trees are still on display across Nebraska City.  Since this community has brought trees to life across the country, how fitting to have this project bring art to life.  Every time we visit this town, I have fun trying to find more of these trees that are enchanting.

Next week is the last new episode for Season 7.  Stay tuned – there just might be a giveaway involved.  Also, if you cannot watch this show live, remember that you can always watch online.

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