So, possibly I made yesterday’s “Wordless Wednesday” a bit too easy to guess?

Hollywood Bowl Sign

My husband had the day off, so we thought some family fun was in order.  This was also partly motivated by one factor: we had free bowling coupons (courtesy of Tony’s pizza)  that were about to expire.

Hollywood Bowl Tony's pizza promotion

We only had until this Friday to use them. I am not sure if these boxes are still available. If you have some hankering for some frozen pizza, you may just be able to find some coupons in time for your own bowling adventure.  All we had to do was rent the shoes – the game was free then!

Hollywood Bowl groups of people

Since we had just four coupons, we decided to just to let the kids bowl.  This ended up being a good decision since we had some place to go right after bowling and would definitely not have been at time!    Since leagues for retired people were simultaneously going on, we were thankful that they assigned us lanes on the opposite end.  One of the kids did end up accidentally dropping the ball down the wrong lane – rather glad that we did not ruin someone’s league score.  Eventually one other family ended up bowling down on our end, but they also had small children, so our kids were not distracting to them.

Hollywood Bowl Lanes and Balls

Seeing all of the brightly colored balls is inspiring.  Unfortunately I still have not figured out how to translate that into good bowling.  Was glad to have an excuse to just take pictures this time.  I really like watching bowling, and I like trying to do well.  Mostly.  Sometimes I can be a bit too competitive, and knocking down lots of pins does not happen for me very often.

Hollywood Bowl Scoring

One of my kids inherited his mother’s driven tendencies, so he struggled a bit when his score reflected the fact that he is still learning technique.  (Note: our two youngest did bowl with the bumpers, so they did have a bit of an edge).  No spares or strikes were to be had this day, but they came close a few times.

Hollywood Bowl specials

If you do not happen to get in the Tony’s Pizza Promotion, I am happy to report that 48 Bowl (representing both Hollywood Bowl and Parkway Lanes) has many other specials going on.  You can pick the promotion that works best for you.

Bowling with Little Ones Takes Some Time

As you can see from the video above, the kids had a great time bowling.  We  hope another bowling event will hap”pin” soon, so that our kids will continue to make progress on their skills.  And maybe I will take another swing at a strike again too.

P.S.  I think this sign is almost funny.  But I also decided that if we follow the advice in life as well, maybe we would all win more often.

Hollywood Bowl Foul Sign

Author: neodyssey