Lauritzen Gardens Railroad Garden in OmahaSeeing the Lauritzen Garden Model Railroad Garden was a treat for all of us.  Last December, we had enjoyed watching these trains chug around poinsettias inside of the Lauritzen Gardens.  That cold December day we had walked a bit of the path.  But evidently we stopped short of the splendor that was just down the hill.  Of course during that time of year, I would imagine that the gardens were not as resplendent as during the warmer months!

On this day, we walked beyond the crest of the hill and discovered so many natural wonders across Lauritzen Gardens. 100 acres just waiting to be discovered.  This includes their fanciful model railroad garden.  This is not just a simple train set.  Instead at least three model trains go through natural tunnels, over bridges,  near a waterfall and past the carefully constructed “town” of Omaha.

Lauritzen Gardens @ RR Garden Conductor Collage

A volunteer “conductor” is on hand to answer any questions that you might have about the creation of the garden.  Plus he often knows how it all works together.

While we all delighted in watching the trains, I do believe that one of my children would have stayed watching for hours. My youngest was entranced with the trains.  He even asked to have his picture taken with them!  Lately he has been hiding when I break out my camera, so I know that he was impressed!Lauritzen Gardens Railroad Garden in Omaha

Lauritzen Gardens @ RR Garden Tunnel Collage

His favorite section was watching the trains pass through the tunnels.  You can stand inside the building and see them go through plexiglass from one side of the garden to the other.

Lauritzen Gardens @ RR Garden COLLAGE Watching Trains

We also enjoyed trying to trace the tracks of the trains. They all continued to crisscross each other as they traveled about.  I would highly recommend visiting Lauritzen Gardens and wandering about all of the beautiful spaces that they have for both adults AND children.

Railroad Days is Coming Soon

They happen to be having a very special event there as a part of Railroad Days in Omaha this week-end.  More on that in my next post!


Author: neodyssey