On a recent trip to Pioneer Park in Lincoln, I made a discovery.  Perhaps I am not as observant as I should be.  Despite the fact the cabin has been at this spot for three years, I had never noticed it before.  Possibly this is because the former home blends in to the landscape so well that one could assume that it was always found here.  More than likely, I did not notice because I was not looking.  Of course, when you see anything from a distance, your vision can be skewed.

The Hudson Cabin is one of the oldest building in Lancaster County Nebraska



This day, having dropped off my two oldest at Pioneer Park’s Heritage School, my two youngest begged to walk down the hill to see what the little building was.  I assumed that it was simply a storage shed for the park personnel.  I was definitely wrong.

Pioneer Park Hudson Cabin with Kids

While the house does not appear to be much, I was definitely amused to discover that this used to be considered Lincoln’s grandest house.  Thankfully they had a sign that told more of the story.

Pioneer Park Hudson Cabin

My kids loved exploring this tiny building.  I am sure that it probably housed more people than I thought would be possible.  Just another reminder of perspective.

Pioneer Park Hudson Cabin Stairs & Loft

Probably the kids were crowded in the attic with the adults taking the main floor.  The most interesting part of the story is that they kept the house intact and built around it.  That must have been a startling discovery when the family went to remodel.  I cannot imagine being underway with construction and noticing that the interior walls used to be exterior ones.  Also intriguing to me is the fact that this is actually the home’s FOURTH location.  Whoever built the house must have been quite talented for the home to remain this stable for well over a century.  I personally think its final resting spot is the best one.  You definitely cannot beat the view!

P.S. This account by the Denton Community Historical Society provides more background information on this historical cabin.


Author: neodyssey