One of my goals in writing this blog is to help families discover new places across Nebraska.  But even I have to admit that this familiar stand-by location would probably be the place my kids would often pick to go if they had their choice.  Hip, hip, hooray for the Lincoln Children’s Museum! Within the last year, they have done some updates about the place.  I thought that the museum could not get any better.  But, it did!

There is so much to see and do about the Lincoln Children’s Museum.  Knowing what to write about is actually a bit of a challenge.  So, instead I decide to show you a glimpse of just what this favorite place has to offer.  The pictures are from a couple of visits.  Anyway, this will at least give you an idea!

Children's Museum Main Floor

The first floor exists for the imagination of “What do you want to be?”  A pizza parlor, farm area, grocery store, vet’s office, fire truck, television station, hospital, and possibly my kids’ favorite: Nebraska football and volleyball players.  They recently  added a car body mechanic shop.  Kids can design their own vehicle.

Now you have to decide up or down.  In the colder months when my kids were littler, we tended to avoid the basement.  Why?  That was the area where the water play occurred.  Not fun to take your kids outside into the freezing cold with wet clothes.  Of course, that has always been one of their most requested places.

Lincoln Children's Museum Basement

They have completely redone that area as well – the possibilities are amazing.  They also like the truck driving/truck stop restaurant area.  And dressing up for the stage.  And climbing through the “gopher holes.”  This floor also has the room that changes often with temporary exhibits.  Their current exploratory adventure?  KEVA planks that my kids are exploring on a smaller scale above.

Now on to the top floor …

Lincoln Children's Museum 3rd floor

Makes sense that the upstairs allows the kids to “fly high” and features not only a plane and terminal area but also a space shuttle for the kids to blast off.  This floor was also updated to include a train the kids can “ride.”  Face painting areas can be found on both the top and bottom floors.  I have always liked it best when my kids “make their own face.”  My friend’s cute little girl demonstrates her efforts above. 🙂

Tomorrow for “Friday Photography,” I will share about my former favorite place in the museum.  The room my kids have now outgrown.

Lincoln Children's Museum Kit's Corner


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