I must confess that I could be an Olympic junkie if I had enough time.  I would be perfectly content to watch just about every event.  Perhaps the fact that we only have NBC and none of the extra channels is a good thing for my family (and probably for me).

During both of the last Olympic Games, Nebraskan made their mark on the games.  Jordan-Larson Burbach helped the USA volleyball team win silver in the 2012 summer Olympics.   In 2010, Curt Tomasevicz‎ helped his four-man bobsled team win gold.  He is back this year hoping for a repeat!

Curtis Tomasevicz Bobsled Sochi 2014 Olympics Pictures, Images, Photos

While I have never met him personally, there is something about cheering for someone that is from your home state!  If you feel the same way,  here is how you can become a groupie.  Or at the very least, learn a bit more! 🙂

Follow Tomasevicz‎ on his specially created NET website.  For those really into social media, there are additional sideline links for his Facebook, Twitter, personal webpage and other Olympic links.  To know when to watch, you can go to the Bobsled schedule at the bottom of the NBC link.  As far as I can tell, he is not competing until later on during the Games.  Go former Husker and Go Team USA!  No matter the results, we are all proud of your hard work and determination!

Author: neodyssey