As I mentioned in my blog post yesterday, for almost every year since I have been homeschooling, I have been attending the NCHEA homeschool conference.  While I know that not everyone who reads this blog homeschools, I felt like devoting two days to the topic is worthwhile.  No matter what our chosen vocation or occupation, we all need encouragement and support to make what we do possible.  Homeschoolers are definitely no exception.  Even if you do not homeschool, maybe you know someone who could be blessed by attending this conference.  Please pass the information in to those who could use a breath of fresh air and encouragement.

Today’s guest blogger, Nick Lenzen and his wife Kathleen, are no strangers to homeschooling or to the convention.  They have been involved with homeschooling for 30 (yes THIRTY!) years and have been helping with NCHEA since the beginning.  While the words below are thoughts from Nick, Kathleen is the one that has actually been coordinating the conference for 27 years.  (I had barely started high school!)  Anyway, I know that myself and the rest of the homeschool community are indebted to their sacrifices in continuing to provide support and encouragement to the homeschool community.  As their 14 grandchildren are now homeschooling, they are truly giving back to the next generation.  Now on to Nick’s thoughts as to why attending the NCHEA Homeschool conference is so important if you have chosen that educational path.  (Note: just in case you are a super sleuth, you can find his thoughts on the NCHEA website as well, but I have permission to quote them here as they are worth repeating!)
Here are 15 Reasons as to why you should attend NCHEA convention if you are a homeschool parent …
  • Curriculum — Nothing can compare to the selection of homeschool curriculum that you can actually hold in your hands and evaluate.  (You can’t do that on the Internet.)
  • Answers from Vendors — Our vendors are eager to answer your questions and share their exciting materials and programs.  This year we are also featuring diagnostic testing for children who may have learning disabilities.
  • Savings — Actually examining the books and materials can save you from making costly mistakes.  Many vendors also offer discounts during the conference.  
  • Main Speakers  — Andrew Pudewa of the Institute for Excellence in Writing, J. Michael Smith, President of Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), and Diane Kummer, High School Consultant with HSLDA are bringing a plethora of messages that will facilitate teaching writing, transitioning the high school years, challenge and encourage you. 
  • Workshops — At least fourteen more speakers will be presenting 30 additional workshops on topics vital to encouraging and equipping you for homeschool success!  Need help beginning your homeschool adventure?  Looking for help with teaching math?  How about help with teaching the art of writing?  Do you have questions regarding vision or autism?  Are you concerned with internet safety?  Is your child struggling with reading or having trouble with spelling?  Do you understand how to help your child by using multi-sensory techniques?   Do you need inspiration to overcome discouragement?  How do you prepare your child for college and manage to pay for it?  Do you understand the normal speech and language development of a child?  How can you help protect freedom in America?  Do you understand the dangers of Common Core? Need help with teaching the Constitution?   There is a workshop to help with all of these questions and workshops on creation!  Workshop speakers are also available to answer any additional questions you may have.
  • Professional Growth — All teachers can use more education about teaching techniques and strategies, teaching struggling learners, organization,  etc.
  • Encouragement — Every homeschooler can use more encouragement, and we believe this year’s conference will supply an abundance.
  • Fellowship / Connections / Networking — There is something amazing about being around others who have the same faith, convictions, and vision as you.  What a confidence booster!
  • Inspiration — There are moments in life when things suddenly become clear and you know exactly what God would have you to do.
  • Dyslexia Testing  — The Nebraska Dyslexia Association will again offer screening for possible learning difficulties at the Nebraska Christian Home Educator’s Conference Friday, April 1st and Saturday, April 2nd. This special opportunity is available only for Nebraska Christian Home Educators Association (NCHEA) Conference attendees and their students/children. 
  • Kids Conference — This very popular, two-day conference always challenges children to serve others and the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is filled with drama, songs, Scripture memory, object lessons, hands-on projects, and games.  Space is limited, so sign up early! 
  • Teen Conference — “Ready to Give an Answer” is a two-day intensive course for teens ages 13-18. It will cover evidences from the book, “Ready to Give an Answer”, that can be used to convince others that God, the Bible, and Christianity are true, and that our faith is reasonable, logical, and credible. Space is limited, so sign up early! 
  • Graduate Recognition — What an encouragement to see so many young people who have been successfully homeschooled and are planning to do remarkable things!  Children who attend often catch your vision and look forward to the day when they will be among the graduates. 
  • Spiritual Growth  — We certainly hope that you will be encouraged and challenged in your Christian faith.
  • Relaxation /Change of Pace /Time Off/Fun  — Times of vacation from the everyday demands of life are important for your sense of well-being.  We hope you will relax, have fun, and enjoy the conference!
To register for the Nebraska Homeschool Conference and Curriculum Fair, please click on the link below.  Remember that for the next week, you can get early bird prices as well as register your children for the Kids and Teen Conferences – truly one of the highlights of my kids’ year.  Please comment below if you have ever been blessed by the convention yourself or if you have any questions.  I will do my best to help them get answered. 🙂

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