A big thank you to the Archway for the complimentary admission to your museum.  We all loved the experience!

Anyone else ever guilty of driving by a place multiple times and always meaning to stop, but somehow you never do?  Or maybe you have a place that you hope to visit “someday,” but that particular day never seems to fall on your calendar?  This is true for me and my family.  Sometimes time is a factor.  Sometimes money.  But maybe the issue is that you are just not sure if the stop is worthwhile.  Until last week, this was true for us about one particular place: The Archway.  Previously we had driven under the Archway, but we had never stopped despite the fact that there is now a specific stop for this location just off of Interstate-80.  I am so glad that we took the time to visit.  Now the purpose of this post is to persuade, implore, beseech, convince you to do the same.  Read on to learn why this place should be a definite stop.

Kearney Archway inside and out Collage

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFirst of all, this exit provides a meaningful pit stop – a great place to stretch your legs.  You can choose to race through the maze.  Study the sculptures and their stories.  Peak inside the earth lodge.  Picnic – currently a silo shelter is available, but they are constructing a larger structure with tables that will be ready soon.  Or simply hike – the trails are amazing.  If you so choose, you can hike all the way into Kearney.  Why stop at just a rest stop when you can stop at a location that is so immersed with meaningful outdoor options?  I guarantee that my family will be asking to stop here again the next time we are passing through Kearney.

If you have a bit of time, don’t stop for only a quick break.  Take the time to walk through their unique hall of history.  How many other places allow you to pass over an interstate as you walk through history?  As a part of the tour, you will be given a set of headphones to listen to first person historical narratives as you journey through the various time periods starting during the Oregon Trail Days when the Platte River began to be used as a roadway.  Although they do charge admission, for such an interactive experience, the cost is well worth it.

Just what is on the other side of the long escalator?  By looking at the multi-picture collage above, you can catch a few glimpses.  Yet to get more of a picture, please check out my special “Friday Photography” post that is going up tomorrow that will help you to visually explore both the indoor AND outdoor spaces.  (I will warn you – I might have been a bit camera happy.)  My goal is to give you just enough of a glimpse that you want to go visit on your own.



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